How To Get Natural Glow With Foundation

Natural Glow

One of the most important steps for natural and glowing makeup is applying foundation. If this step is done right, it means that half of the makeup is done. The basic key to the right makeup is to apply right shade of foundation in the right way.
Natural Glow
The things required for applying the foundation are foundation of right shade, concealer to hide those blemishes and freckles, foundation brush, makeup sponge and loose powder. Make sure that all these things are with you before applying the foundation.

things required

It is very important to clean the face with a good quality face wash before applying the foundation. Then you need to moisturize to avoid the dry look to the face. Moisturizing provides a very good base for the make up to be applied. The next step is to apply the foundation with a foundation brush.

clean the face

It is very important to use downward strokes this will not only give a smooth look to the face, but also make it look flawless. You can also opt for a makeup sponge in order to remove the excess foundation from the face.

It is important to blend the foundation very well for a perfect finish. Another important thing to be considered while applying the foundation is that it should be used in a very small quantity, otherwise it will give a very artificial look to the makeup.

perfect finish

Take extra care while choosing the right shade of the foundation. It is better to go for one shade lighter than the skin tone. Test it before buying, because only the right shade can give you the right look. Don’t think that opting for lighter shade will make you look fairer. On the contrary, it will just spoil whole look of the make up.

After applying the foundation, it is very important to apply a concealer or a highlighter. It will hide the flaws and marks of the face in the proper way.


Follow the above mentioned tips to apply the foundation and see the change in your over all makeup.