How To Get Over Your Shyness

get over shyness

get over shynessShyness is a feeling that hinders you from being open and comfortable in social situations. You try to avoid social get together. Shyness prevents you from being communicative and expressive.

It makes you stay away from many things that you might wish to do. It is a kind of social phobia. You feel less confident. It is an unwanted fear that hides in you and surfaces when you are in public. You become an introvert person. You therefore do not like to go out in public gatherings. This may lead to many unhealthy feelings to develop within.

You feel left out and alone. One might develop an intense feeling of rejection due to shyness. Many people want to come out of this feeling and intend to enjoy social gatherings and get together. Because of shyness these people are unable to communicate their issues with others. One has to know nothing is impossible and getting over shyness is not at all difficult. It may take little time to get over.

Why We Feel Shy?

There are many reasons for why one experiences shyness. Many people are not confident of themselves. They may be confident of their work but not about own self. They have weak and unhealthy image of themselves. This is not what others might think of them. The image is created by oneself. They always find others more confident and happy.

They therefore try to be busy with themselves. They keep them so pre-occupied that they aloof themselves from all the social events. The other important fact behind the feeling of shyness is that people and society develops a shy image of this person. They therefore impress in their mind as a shy person.

Tips To Get Over Shyness

There are many who would like to know how to get over shyness. The first step is to understand your own self. Analyze the reasons for developing the shy nature. You need to explore what makes you hide your feelings, views and thoughts. You need to know the factors that prevent you from being expressive and open.

The next step to overcome shyness is to learn more about your good and positive points. You have to be aware of you. You need to learn good things about yourself and your strengths. You have to clear boring image of yours in your mind. Once you know your strengths, it would allow you to boost your self-esteem which is very essential to get over shyness.

tips to overcome shyness

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You need to learn liking towards yourself to put off shy feeling. You have to love yourself. You have to make efforts to develop general good feeling for yourself. This can be achieved by doing things that you like. Try to spend quality time knowing you. Next thing you need to do is to take interest in other people. Focus on what they have to say and learn about them.

Try to get over the awkwardness and be involved in social discussions. Try to participate and put your thoughts and views forward as well. No thought is meaningless. If you respect other people’s view, they would also respect your feelings and thoughts. Take a step to develop general understanding in the social gathering.  Remember, you have to first respect yourself, only then would others respect you.

Best Ways To Overcome Shyness

One of the major ways suggested to get over your shyness is through meditation. One can release their anxiety and any kind of learnt fears by meditating. Do a breathing exercise and try to meditate. This is a healthy way to discover you. You can actually learn the inner you.

You can focus on your views and thoughts. You realize your potentials and gain positive energy. This would boost your confidence. All this is very important to get over shyness. This would teach that you are no less and you would gain clarity of thoughts. There is no reason to hide you from others.

The next best way is to practice being in uncomfortable situation. Once you know the techniques to tackle uncomfortable situation, you have won half the battle. Most predominant reason of people having shyness is that they are uncomfortable in social situation. One needs to learn overcoming this discomfort. Generally, failures make you feel low and less competent. You need to remember the fact that there is no success without failure.

Don’t let your failures embarrass you but make them your strength and learn from your failures. This will make you strong emotionally which is another important factor to get over shyness. You need to be emotionally strong person. This would also help you to accept rejection.

Many people fail to accept rejection and therefore try to get away from public. One should overcome this feeling of rejection. This makes people feel anxious and fearful. You need to do exercise that would allow to release any block due to anxiety. You can take walk, or do jogging etc.

Affirmation is another good concept that helps to get over shyness. Try to talk positive things about you to your mind. Communicate to your mind that you love yourself and you are a good human being. These positive words get impressed in your mind over a period of time. You develop positive attitude towards life.

How Not To Be Shy In Public

The first key is that you do not have to hide yourself but your shyness. Once you learn all good things about your own self, you would develop a general happy feeling for you. You would start liking yourself. You would have self-confidence boost and positive attitude towards any circumstance.

All these would make you feel comfortable in public. Try to pay attention to others. Be a good listener to what they want to say and give your feedback. Do not avoid or hide your thoughts. No thought can be welcome unless it is expressed. Do not maintain a prejudiced mind about any situation or any person. Keep an open view towards people. This would allow you to understand the social environment better and get over shyness.

Life is good and so are you. It is therefore advisable to throw off your shyness and unhide yourself and become expressive to the world.