How To Get Perfect Nails With Gel Nails

Perfect Nails

Which woman doesn’t want beautiful nails? They enhance your beauty and are a great fashion statement. It is said that most guys first notice a woman’s nails. The guy psyche is that if a woman can take care of her nails, she can take care of him also.

Perfect Nails

I must say that those women who are genetically blessed with pretty and healthy nails are extremely lucky. But there are also the ‘not-so-lucky ones’ who have weak and brittle nails that break easily. Don’t get disheartened ladies. These days, there is a solution to every beauty woe. The solution to weak nails is ‘Gel Nails’.

How To Get Perfect Nails With Gel Nails

Gel Nails

Gel nails are the future of creative nail art designs. Gel nails are sculpted on to your original nails to give you the most natural looking enhancement. The beautician will apply several thin and uniform coats of gel to your nails and each coat is dried under a special UV lamp for a few minutes before applying the next coat.

The purpose is to cover the cracked original nails. The gel becomes a strong base for the natural nails and prevents them from cracking. It would not be wrong to say that gel nails are actually not fake nails. They are a form of treatment and cover for damaged nails. After some time, you can remove these artificial nails and start wearing your natural nails.

Gel Nails

Advantages Of Gel Nails

All those women who are not born with healthy nails will definitely know the pain of visiting a salon regularly or the rigorous home care regime to maintain beautiful nails. So if you ask me why I would suggest gel nails, the answer is they look natural and glossy & at the same time, are very strong plus give you enhanced length.

Other benefits are that they are lightweight, odorless and are resistant to yellowing and breakage. And the most important part, you can file them to perfection like your natural nails! While there are other fake nails like acrylic nails and linen nails, gel nails are the most preferred ones as they look more realistic and are more durable than other types of fake nails. So you don’t have to visit the salon regularly for proper maintenance of these nails.


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Things To Keep In Mind Before And After Going For Gel Nails

To ensure maximum result, make sure that your hands are manicured before going for gel nails.

Another important factor is to keep your nails moisturized after the removal of gel nails.

Keep In Mind

One Disadvantage

Anything with so many benefits is bound to have one or two disadvantages also. The only disadvantage of gel nails is that they are expensive than other types of fake nails. However, considering the benefits that they offer, these nails are definitely worth the price.

How To Do Gel Nails? 

Doing gel nails is similar to applying nail polish. However, the application requires a little extra care and effort than applying normal nail polish. Therefore, I would suggest that you visit a professional manicurist, especially if you are doing them for the first time. These people can suggest the right types to go for depending on the quality of your nails and your preferences.

Once you learn how to do it yourself without damaging your original nails, you can do it at home. Gel nail kits are easily available in the market but read the instructions carefully before applying them. Normally if you go to a salon, ultraviolet light is used to fix the nail.

But these days, the no-light option is also available, which can be applied at home. In applying a no-light gel nail, a gel activator (comes with the kit) should be applied to your nails and then you just have to dip your nail in water to set the gel nail. So ladies, do try gel nails and get beautiful hands!

Gel Nails application