3 Tips To Get Permanent Eyebrows


Eyebrows play an important role in defining the facial features of an individual. A well-defined eyebrow can change a person’s entire look. They not only express a variety of moods but also represent your age, state of mind and emotional reaction.


If your natural eyebrows are too thick or too thin or arched incorrectly, you may look depressed, tired, surprised or angry. You may have noticed how makeup artist draw different types of eyebrows to portray different characters in films and theater. So, a properly shaped eyebrow can enhance your beauty and help you look more attractive.

For a woman with very thin or light eyebrow or no eyebrow, it becomes a daily hassle of drawing eyebrows for a defined look. Besides this, almost 4 out of 5 women visit parlor weekly or fortnightly to keep their eyebrow in proper shape for a more defined appearance.
But now, permanent cosmetic procedure can get you rid of this daily hassle and save your time. Today you can have permanent eyebrow makeup and get a desired appearance permanently. It is a safe and effective way to get a look that is purely yours.

If drawing eyebrows is a routine part of your everyday makeup, you can consider permanent eyebrows. But before undergoing this cosmetic procedure, research well and decide if this procedure is for you or not.

There is no doubt that undergoing cosmetic procedure will save considerable time and money and also there will be no chance of the eye makeup wearing off during the day, yet like other permanent make up procedure certain risk are involved with it.

Tips To Get Permanent Eyebrows

Cosmetic Tattooing

When you are sure that permanent eyebrow makeup is right for you, look more into this option. The most common technique used for permanent eyebrow is cosmetic tattooing or micro pigmentation. This is done by applying an anesthetic gel on the eyebrow area to bring a numbing effect.

Then vibrating needles are used by the technician to deposit color under your skin’s second layer. The process is not very painful, but you can feel a stinging sensation. After the procedure your eyebrow area will become swollen and red.

Anti-inflammatory ointment or cold compress can be used to reduce swelling. This treatment is an effective way to get an absolutely fresh look.  But like all permanent make up, your eyebrows may also need touch ups over time.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Eyebrow Embroidery

Another popular method is eyebrow embroidery. It is quite a new, quick and painless procedure. In this procedure, color is deposited by the technician, only on the upper layer of the skin which helps to design the eyebrow easily and give them a more natural look. Only one downside of this procedure is that it may require more frequent touch ups.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Permanent Cosmetic Procedure

The permanent cosmetic procedure is done by certain salons, doctors or medical spas. Once you have chosen a reputed cosmetic center, fix a consultation appointment with them and let them explain the procedure to you.

Try to know about color, shape sample, safety, before and after picture and total cost of the procedure. Finding a qualified technician is necessary to get it done right.  Faulty work can give you badly shaped eyebrows forever.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a quick procedure and it should not last for more than 30 minutes. Follow the instruction given to you for caring the treated area after procedure strictly, so that it can heal quickly.

Permanent Cosmetic