3 Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly

Get Pregnant QuicklyYou and your partner have decided that you are ready to get pregnant. Now the question is, how do you become pregnant? We all know what it takes to get pregnant but there are actually tricks that you can follow to get pregnant faster instead of waiting around.

Before you try to get pregnant you really need to understand your monthly cycle. Aside from knowing when you menstruate each month and how many days in between each menstruation, you need to figure out when your body is ovulating. Ovulation is the time when your ovaries release eggs that are ripe for fertilization.

You can speak to your doctor about pinpointing your ovulation period within a few days of the actual date. This period of ovulation is known as the Luteal Phase. In most women, it occurs two weeks prior to menstruation. The Luteal Phase may vary in window of opportunity based on a woman’s menstruation cycle.

Here Are Three Tips That Can Help You Conceive Quickly.

Check The BBT

BBT is known as your Basal Body Temperature. It is a reliable method of pinpointing when your body is ovulating. To get the Basal Body Temperature, a thermometer is inserted into your vagina. Your insides change temperature during periods of fertility. When a woman is going through her fertile phase each month, her Basal Body Temperature will increase drastically. It is at this time that you and your partner should proceed with intercourse.

Check The BBTRetain The Sperm

Before you try to get pregnant, you or your doctor may want to have a sample of your partner’s sperm to test it for his sperm count and fertility level. Testing the sperm will let you know if the sperm that your partner produces is of quality. The sperm that enters your vagina needs to be fresh. That means that your partner should refrain from ejaculating approximately four days before your ovulation phase begins.

Some people say that pregnancy occurs from the quality of the sperm while others feel that pregnancy is the result of a quantity of sexual performances. There is no definitive answer as to which way works. Some believe that the longer sperm resides in the testicles, the less useful it is when it is ejaculated.

Retain The SpermFind An Effective Solution

The pregnancy process can be very complex. Not everyone gets pregnant the first time around. When you are looking for methods to get pregnant, you may want to try a holistic approach. This method of getting pregnant is gaining a great deal of popularity.

Pregnancy process can be very complex