3 Tips To Get Rid Of Brown Skin Spots

Tips To Get Rid Of Brown Skin Spots

Brown skin spots or sun spots can be easily removed with the help of a few skin care tips. Brown skin spots can be really irritating when they start appearing due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

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Find out the causes behind those brown spots. The usual reason is the harmful effect of UVA and UVB rays present in sunlight, which also cause ageing. If your brown spots are because of sun damage the most likely affected areas will be face, neck and arms as these are more exposed to direct sun rays.

The Cosmetic Care

Try to avoid direct sunlight to prevent damages and wrinkles. Always use a strong sunscreen before stepping out, and make sure to buy those which do not clog the skin pores. Also try and opt for oil-free sunscreen lotions to avoid the greasiness, if your skin is oily. Apart from the sunscreen you need to focus on special skin care products available for treating brown spots.

The Cosmetic Care

Some of the best examples include Olay’s UV Defense Regenerating Lotion which is also excellent for anti-ageing – minimizing all sorts of age spots and fine lines. Another one is Lotus’s Herbal Safe Sun-block Cream which is sweet smelling, water-proof and non greasy, perfect for hot and humid weather. It’s ideal for all types of skin, particularly for oily skins.

Lotus’s Herbal Safe Sun-block Cream

Natural Remedies

You can also opt for natural remedies. Lemon juice is worth a try as the natural acids in lemon help reduce brown spots. This may take longer for the spots to fade out but one thing is guaranteed that you will not have any side effects associated with store bought beauty products. It sure is useful and will get you reasonable good results over a few weeks of regular usage.

lemon juice

Exfoliating Holds An Answer

Dead skin exfoliation is a must in your skin care routine, if you’re troubles with brown spots on your skin. When you scrub the skin, the upper layer of the dead skin gets removed and this process is very useful in fading and completely removing brown spots or sun spots.

Exfoliating Holds An Answer

treating brown spots.