How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

After acne, dark circles under the eyes, is perhaps the most common disorder faced by a majority of people. It will not be an exaggeration to say that about eighty percent of common folks face this problem.



Lack of sleep for any reason coupled with the resultant fatigue is the most common cause for it.  Unduly long exposures to sunlight or very bright lights because of professional demands also cause the same. Other factors contributing to this disorder are unplanned improper food or food habits that seem to have taken over the present day lifestyle.At times the drugs and medicines prescribed to take care of other diseases also cause it. Yet, it is not too difficult to overcome this malady by following some of the tips noted here.

Changed Diet And lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle

The most helpful feature of getting rid of dark circles is to have peaceful sleep of at least 7-8 hours. Learn to avoid stress of any kind, be it physical or mental. Switch over to a healthier diet. Increase the content of natural foods in your diet by taking more of fruits and vegetables to overcome the deficiency of iron and vitamin C. Keep your body hydrated by consuming more fluids, particularly water and supplemented with juices.

Simple Home Made Packs For Reducing These Circles:

home made packs

A few homemade recipes noted here give a long-term relief. Choose one that you find most convenient.

1. Potato juice is an excellent application as potatoes have bleaching properties. Using a cotton swab, apply fresh juice on the affected area and wash with cold water after sometime.

2. Other helpful juices being of lemon and tomato. Apply the same way as above.

3. Another application will be a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice.

4. Mint too is very helpful for such dark circles. You may apply its juice or just keep a few crushed mint leaves over the affected area to thoroughly cover it. Wash with cold water after 15-20 minutes.

5. You may replace mint with wet and cold tea bags over the darkened area for about twenty minutes. This treatment soothes tired and fatigued eyes and gives the desired results after continued application.

6. It’s a healthy practice to wash your eyes with cold rosewater at the end of the day. This provides much needed relief to tired eyes and reduces those circles.