How To Get Rid Of Excessive Underarm Sweating

underarm sweating

underarm sweatingUnderarm sweating is a medical condition that is referred to as hyperhydrosis. The main causes behind excessive underarm sweating are stress, extreme heat and hormonal imbalances like a thyroid imbalance which may lead to excessive sweating in the body.

In most cases of mild hyperhydrosis, an antiperspirant usually rectifies the problem. But some severe cases might require immediate medical attention. Here are some of the ways by which you can get rid of excessive underarm sweating.

Natural Cure For Underarm Sweating

Strong, Medicated Antiperspirants

A strong, medicated antiperspirant can be made available on the doctor’s prescription after consulting with him. These antiperspirants are much stronger in getting rid of hyperhydrosis and excessive underarm sweating. Results may be visible after a few weeks. These antiperspirants contain strong chemicals like aluminum chloride which help to arrest the production of excessive sweat.

Washing And Cleaning

washing underarms
If you are prone to excessive sweating, it is a good idea to wash and clean the area thoroughly. Use a mild soap to wash your underarm area and pat dry with a towel. Make sure there are no further traces of moisture as this will make the area an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow and multiply.

Wear Loose Cotton Clothes

Always wear loose cotton clothes that permit air circulation especially in the underarm area. This allows the sweat to evaporate and dry up quickly. Stay away from synthetic clothes as they will cause you to sweat even more.

Apply Baby Powder

apply baby powder
Before you apply the antiperspirant, make sure the skin is smooth and dry. Apply some baby powder on your underarm area or any loose talcum powder. Follow this up with the antiperspirant.

Do Not Shave

Make sure that you do not shave the underarm area. Shaving causes skin irritation and this is likely to cause pain especially after you use the antiperspirant.


Botox shots inhibit the production of sweat and leave your underarms sweat free and dry. Of course the procedure is expensive and may require you to first consult a doctor before considering the feasibility of the procedure. Botox shots are effective for a few months after which you may have to repeat the shots.


In very extreme cases, where none of the above treatment approaches seem to work, surgery may be your only resort. In surgery, the underarm sweat glands are removed and this may halt the excessive production of sweat. This should be considered only when everything else fails.

Keep Your Armpits Fuzz Free

It is very important that you keep your armpits fuzz free. For this, make sure that you wax or shave your underarm area. Hair tends to trap moisture and bacteria which not only leads to foul body odour but also excessive armpit sweating. If you do not like waxing, trim your armpit hair and then use a good razor to shave your armpits.

The Diet

Look into your diet to see what you are consuming. At times, excessive greasy, fatty and spicy foods may be causing the sweating. Under such circumstances, it is better to overhaul your diet and switch over to healthier food products.