How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Why Do Hair Become Frizzy?

One of the main reasons why hair becomes frizzy is because of the damage it suffers every day. The streets are full of smog and this tends to settle on the hair, damaging the roots and clogging the follicles. This is something that is unavoidable because a woman today cannot live like her ancestors, who were content to remain at home, and take care of the home and children. She needs to go out and work, and even if she doesn’t need to do this, there are certain responsibilitie that are unavoidable, such as taking the kids to school, football games and a host of other places. One solution would be for her to cover her hair at all times but this is not possible, at least in the Western hemisphere.

Other Causes of Frizzy Hair

Other causes of frizzy hair are the constant use of hair dryers at a high temperature. One advantage of using powerful hair dryers is that the hair looks better and dries quickly, but a negative consequence is that the hair is soon damaged by excessive heat and to make it look better, the stylist needs to use even more heat for a longer duration. This soon causes the hair to look dull and lifeless.

Shampoos and Frizzy Hair

Shampoos are another source of damage to the hair. Most stylists have a good knowledge of what shampoo should be used with what type of hair and often recommend a particular brand of shampoo. This advice is often forgotten, however, and the ladies tend to depend more on the advice of their friends than on that of the stylist. The result is that she goes out and buys a shampoo that makes her friend’s hair look good, but is not suitable for her hair. She would soon see that she was wrong in not following the advice of her stylist, but by then the damage would have been done.

The best treatment for frizzy hair is that which is given in quality hair salons. An anti-frizz treatment is usually done with a special type of shampoo that attacks the frizz from the inside and is far more effective than an ordinary shampoo.