How to Get Rid of Offensive Body Odor

Body odor, often referred as body smell, malodorous sweating, etc., is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. In the presence of sweat, bacteria not only multiples but also leaves behind a bad smell.

An individual’s body odor is also affected by diet, gender, genetics, health, and medication.

There are certain acids such as propanoic acid and 3-methyl butanoic acid present in the body which act like a source of body odor.  The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules play an important role in the immunity of organisms. These molecules also influence the body odor.

Here are some tips to eliminate body odor:

The offensive body odor may be prevented by using deodorants, antiperspirants, disinfectants, antiseptic soaps, and sprays.  It is also very important to take care of hygiene as body odor is majorly associated with it.

To practice good hygiene one must remember to take regular showers.  Especially in summer season it becomes mandatory to bath at least once a day to avoid bad body odor.  Use a good soap or body wash to keep your body clean.  Apply deodorant or antiperspirant daily after bathing.

Remove body hair as they tend to accumulate bacteria and cause bad odor.  You can utilize methods like waxing, shaving, or permanent removal with the help of laser treatments.

Keeping the clothes clean and sweat free is also essential. Wash clothes after almost every use as they tend to get sweaty during the summers.  Changing of socks and undergarments whenever you feel they are sticky and sweaty in a day will also help.

Use scented paper in the closet to help the clothes fresh and free of odor.  Hang clothes instead of folding them in order to expose them to air whenever the closet is opened.

A supplement such as probiotics can be added to your diet to eliminate the offensive body odor.

Avoid foods like eggs, garlic, onion, and other food which contain high sulfur.

Applying diluted lemon juice to your underarms or mixing it into bathing water is also very helpful.

Despite all the above efforts, if the body odor fails to go, find out the main cause of the bad odor coming from your body. It may be due to fungal infection, improper diet, or extra strong medications, etc.  Consult your doctor and treat the problem.