How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Fat

get rid of pregnancy fat

get rid of pregnancy fatBeing pregnant could be one of the most fulfilling phases of your life. It is mildly astonishing as to how you carry that little human being within you just below your heart – a lovely creature which despite being a part of you would, someday have an identity of his/her own.

It is at this time that your body goes through a lot of changes which are not only hormonal but also physical. It is said that, on an average, for a healthy pregnancy you are expected to gain at least 30 pounds of weight.

The additional weight you gain during pregnancy is not meant to spoil your looks but rather, it is nature’s way of getting your body ready to accommodate your child and look after his/ her needs. Studies show that the fat you put on helps in the development of the baby’s eye and brain and also prevents a preterm delivery.

Besides, this weight also helps at the time of your delivery where you would go through a lot of physical exertion to give birth to your child. Gaining additional weight also ensures that the baby is born with appropriate weight.

Just like nature has its way of preparing you for the future course of your pregnancy so also, post pregnancy, it helps in reducing the weight that you have gained during this period. The benefits of breast feeding are very well known. An important benefit that you as a mother gain from breast feeding is that it helps in burning up the calories you acquired.

It is noted that women who breastfeed their babies do shed the weight that they gained during pregnancy as it is this fat that was gained during the pregnancy that helps them in producing the milk required for feeding the child. However, it is important that you have a well balanced diet during this time or else you may end up gaining even more weight than is actually required by your body.

Unfortunately though, as you must have realized, the weight that you have gained during pregnancy doesn’t leave you as soon as you’ve given birth to your child and would require some time. Also remember, that going on a vigorous and extreme diet and exercise regime or even skipping meals to gain that svelte figure is only going to prove bad not only for you but for your child too.

It is found that when women take such drastic measures to shed their pregnancy fat, their body releases toxins in larger quantities in their milk. And you do know how important a role does breast milk play in the growth and health of your child. As such, it is essential that you take time and set a plan to ensure a gradual weight loss rather than an immediate one. It is important that you eat on time and also have plenty of liquids so that you could not only provide for the health of your child but also shed your weight in a safe manner.

Diet Plan

lose pregnancy fat

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Following a few guidelines would help in ensuring that you get rid of your pregnancy fat in a safe manner. Include lean meats (chicken, fish etc.) in your diet.  Having eggs for breakfast would certainly help. Include a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables in your regime.

And when you feel like having some snacks in between you could opt for foods like nuts, avocados etc. which are healthy sources of fat. Don’t stay on a hungry stomach as you will then tend to eat much more and it mostly tends to be unhealthy food.


Yes, a mere change in your diet plan won’t do you any good hence including some exercise is important but, remember that you should not be exerting yourself too much. Taking a brisk walk with your child in the pram and doing a deep knee bend in between the walk would be a simple mode of achieving your motto.

When you sit with your child you could try doing a couple of stretching exercises like trying to reach your toes. You could even take up exercises like swimming, hiking, dancing etc. after your doctor has consented your decision of taking up these activities.

Other exercise that you could follow to get your pregnancy belly in shape is doing abdominal crunches: lock your hand on the back of your head and keep your knees bent together. Raise yourself slowly and exhale all the same. Do the exact opposite when you go down.

Doing approximately 2 to 3 sets of it with a minimum of 25 repetitions will help you to get that firm tummy in a matter of time. A slight variation in the crunch wherein you try touching your right knee with your left elbow and vice versa can help in getting rid of the love handles you may have developed during your pregnancy.

Doing the Kegel exercise can help you in tightening your muscles. While urinating hold and release after you count 10. Do this for at least 3 to 4 times a day.

Time Needed

Do not give up on your attempts of shedding your pregnancy fat in a healthy manner and opt for the ‘quick fix’. Yes, it may take time but it would be a much healthy option. You have to bear in mind that the pregnancy fat takes a long time to accumulate in your body. Moreover, the changes that take place in your body due to pregnancy like the stretching of your abdominal skin and muscles happens for a longer duration (approximately 9 months) and after you deliver you can’t expect your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state immediately.

This is why your tummy appears like a deflated balloon. It will take a couple of months for your body to come back to its natural shape. Thankfully, doing the above stated exercises would help in speeding up the time required in gaining that flat tummy and svelte shape. Only, be careful of not overdoing it.

Don’t worry about your pregnancy fat; it will go away with time and your continuous efforts.