How to Get Rid of Red Cheeks

Get Rid of Red Cheeks

Face is the most important body part when it comes to measure the beauty quotient of any person. And if face is ruined by red cheeks, it becomes difficult to handle the pressure.

It is embarrassing and makes you lose confident. Acne is treatable but redness which occurs due to it is sometimes non treatable if not seriously considered. This is an allergic reaction to sunburn and acne and is also known to be attributed to rosacea.

Rosacea is a condition where vessels dilute in the facial area. This situation must be handles in a professional way by seeking dermatologist. Meanwhile, one can try out few measures to treat facial redness naturally.

Ice rubbing is an effective measure against redness in cheeks. Make an ice pack and apply it over cheeks to get relief. Applying spritzer could also be effective. Washing face wit water or spraying it over cheeks give temporary relief so try out keeping water spray bottle handy.

Ice rubbing on cheeks

Allow your cheeks to calm as this way; the pressure of blood reduces which in turn reduces the redness in cheeks. Breathing exercise or meditation is excellent for such a peaceful state of mind. If you have to go out on any occasion then hide in under make up. Concealer and cheek blush work the best in such a condition.

Breathing exercise

For minimum damage, use mineral makeup as other make up types could produce harmful effect over cheeks.

Mineral Makeup

If you are worried about doing up make up over red cheeks then do not be. First clean the face with lukewarm water but make sure it is totally clean as dirty water could create side effects on sensitive skin. Pat dry the face. Apply the antiseptic cream meant for redness and then dab a bit of moisturizer. Apply concealer over face with circular motion.

Apply concealer over face

The presence of moisturizer helps to blend the makeup. You must use powder based makeup instead of liquid based as the liquid one gets soaked in skin. Then end up process with light application of blush. Other than makeup, change your diet by banning hot drinks and spicy food.

Change your Diet