4 Ways To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Get Rid Of Skin Tags

If you have noticed skin growths around your groin, armpits, or neck, they could be skin tags. These growths can be soft, flesh colored, and small, although changes can happen over time.

They are normally not harmful at all but people find the need to get rid of them, especially if they happen to grow on sensitive areas such as the eyelids and the vagina. These tags commonly attack women above or around the age of sixty.

What Is Skin Tag

Some medical terms that are used to refer to a skin tag is acrochordon, papilloma colli, soft fibroma, cutaneous papilloma, fibroma molluscum, cutaneous tag, fibroepithelial polyp, fibroma pendulum and Templeton skin tag. It refers to a small piece of skin tagged on a skin stalk known as peduncle, making the whole piece look like some soft skin hanging around the skin.

The medical dictionary, Medilexicon, terms skin tag as a polypoid outgrowth from the epidermis as well as the dermal fibrovascular tissue. It is also termed as an embryology; a skin-covered projection with or without cartilage; can be normally found between the ear area and the mouth corner with an association to the anomalies of the external ear. Skin tag surface are rather smooth but their shape may be irregular. They are normally raised up from the skin’s surface by fleshy skin stalks known as speduncle.

Skin tags are not quite the same color as your skin; they are either flesh-colored or a bit brownish. When skin tags first sprout, they are rather small and flat like a pinhead bump. As they grow, they can achieve a size of 2mm to 1cm in diameter. There have been occasions where some skin tags can be as big as 5cm.

When one sees a skin lesion on themselves, it can be quite a traumatic reaction. It is an abnormal sight and you might be rightfully worried. Skin tags usually occur in the folds or creases of the skin, which may be caused by the rubbing of skin against skin. Sometimes skin tags may drop off by themselves without the person even noticing their presence, when there are frequent rubbings. There is usually no pain if the skin tags fall off on their own accord. But most skin tags do not easily fall off.

soft skin hanging around the skin

Occurrence And Treatment

Skin tags occur in obese people because they tend to grow on folded skin areas and moist areas of the skin that are wrinkled of flabby. The major cause of the tags is yet to be known although the conditions under which they grow are clear.

They are considered benign tumors; that is, non cancerous growths on the skin with no symptoms or risks. They only exert some pain and discomfort when they are rubbed repeatedly or scratched by clothing, shaving or jewelry. Skin tags that are larger may burst if aggressively scratched or rubbed. These skin pieces are made up of fibers, ducts, fat and nerve cells that are blobbed together in a mass; it has a covering, or an epidermis of the skin.

soft fibroma


There is no known cause for the presence of skin tags. Research has discovered that besides the obese, heredity and diabetics are subject to skin tags growth. Pregnant women may also experience some skin tags during their pregnancy although the actual cause is uncertain. Dermatologists and research have found that there is no preference on gender with skin tags; both male and female can be affected equally. It has been found that skin tags are common benign growths that usually occur in people above 40.

A theory of skin tags’ appearance is the collection of blood vessels and collagen that are trapped in the thicker portions of the skin’s inside. Although the true causes of skin tagis yet unknown, researches and studies confirm the risk factors that can increase the occurrence of skin tags. One such risk factor is obesity which has plenty of skin folds and creases.



Since the tags develop in folded, moist areas, it is important to keep such areas dry and clean all the times. There are people who don’t give much attention in drying these areas making them good skin tag breeding areas. The tags increase in size over time and can be removed by using a nail clipper or a pair of scissors. This can be done when they become a concern in your life or they tend to be painful more often. The pain can be caused by skin twisting or rubbing of the tags by jewelry or even clothing.

Although they are not harmful, people still get rid of them, and the methods of removal range from one person to another. There are those who choose to cut them off themselves while others would rather have a medical professional do it for them. There are surgical ways of removing the skin tags, with some professionals using laser rays to completely get rid of them.


Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag removal can be a bit uncomfortable and painful, leaving a scar behind; but once removed, they hardly reoccur. If they reoccur unexpectedly, then you have to treat them over and over again. You can floss your skin tags the same way it’s done on teeth to cut off blood supply to the tag, hence falling off over time.

Other ways of treating skin tags include the use of serums which eventually make them fall off. With the many ways to remove skin tags, there is no need for any emotional trauma that may set in. If you are not knowledgeable about skin tags, you might be prone to depression or develop an inferiority complex as you feel worried about how others might view you with the tags.

You do not need to resort to expensive procedures or surgery to remove your skin tags as there are many simple home remedies that do the job easily and with minimal cost. There is really no need to resort to drugs or medication as some of them are really too strong for skin tags. You should research well on the condition before you follow any recommendations to remove the skin tag.

Skin Tag Removal