How To Get Short Spiky Hair For Women

Short Spiky Hair For Women

The old school of thought that regarded women with short, spiked hair to be unfeminine has taken a back seat.  Short hair has proved to impart the same amount of versatility as any other hair styling with long hair.


Spikes which were the solely used by men, is now also being used by women who prefer short hair styling and it has further added to the plethora of short hair styles in women.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you to learn how to get short spiky hair for women.

Cut Your Hair Short

If you have long hair then for a short spiky look you will have to cut them short. It can be frightening to think of cutting off long and lustrous hair but if they do not match your face cut or are not of very good quality then cuttting them short is the best option available.

Short Spiky Look


Select The Short Hair Style

Before you adorn a short spiky hair look, you will have to choose the short hair style. There are numerous stars like Victoria Beckham and others who wear a short spiky look. You can select from the pictures of these stars the style that looks best.

One other convenient way will be to go to your hair stylist for short hair styles that will suit your face best. In fact, your stylist will also be able to guide you regarding the compatibility of your facial features with short hair styles.

Select The Short Hair Style


Style The Hair

Once you and your stylist have decided on the short hair style, it’s time to cut your hair accordingly. Ensure that your stylist has cut the hair into short layers which are just around two inches in length over the surface of your head. Clean up the nape for extra hair growths. Best results are achieved with an electric razor.

Short Hair Style


Get The Spiky Look

Once you have achieved the short hair style, select a good hair product for holding the hair in place. These extra-hold hair products are available in their gel forms. Apply the gel properly on the entire hair length and blow dry your hair to dry out the gel. Use of a hair holding product helps the spiky look to last for a longer period of time.


Now use wax, pomade or styling pastes and pull bunch of hair strands to create points all over the head. Spike your hairs at places that you wish to and that suit your face. For creating a long lasting spike effect, use hairspray on the head. Smooth any extra hair strands that might create a frizzy look.


To preserve the spiky look, you will have to regularly make appointments with your hair stylist. The visits are to be made at least once in a month so that you can maintain the short and spiky look.

Spiky look

The above steps will help you to learn how to get short spiky hair for women that will make you to look glamorous and elegant.