How To Get Soft Skin?

soft skin

Skin is tender so it needs gentle care. It needs to be supple, radiant and soft. Be it facial or that of arms and legs. We always tend to ignore our arms and legs than our facial skin or hair. Well everyone is not perfect but everyone cannot be lazy as well. Your skin proves how healthy and careful you are.So how does one go about caring for skin? Well have you ever seen your knees or elbows or ankle tops, they are dried and rusted as compared to your skin.

As they are over used and very often ignored, they become a haven of dead skin. Same goes for armpits and thighs. Use glycerine, lemon juice and honey on these worn out skin. Lemon is a natural bleach and glycerine, moisturiser. It will improve your skin removing the cracked and coloured dead skin.

You may also scrub your body with almond or apricot scrub once or twice or week; those who have oily or acne prone skin (for body) use it one a week or even less. There are pastes, which can be made of Besan (black chickpeas) , turmeric, fresh cream and rose water. Use this powdered paste all over your body and feel your soft skin.

Always use a good bathing soap. Also moisturise your arms and legs every night with a normal moisturiser. This improves the surface of your skin. You may also make a paste of sandalwood powder with Masoor dal (lentil) with rose water and turmeric. Lentil acts as a natural scrub and sandalwood with rose water refreshes your skin and enhances your skin tone.

Milk with rose petal also works well and provides a lustrous glow to your skin. If your skin is too dry, then use yoghurt or fresh cream with rose water and massage all over your body. Use glycerine soap or wash gel to remove the grease from your body.

You may also use loofah every day so that the dead skin does not accumulate again. Use a sensitive cleanser for your inner thighs and arm pits to avoid the black patchy skin. To lighten your skin tone you may use vinegar with black chickpea powder and rose water on your arms. Let the paste be on your arms and legs for twenty minutes. Wash it off with rose water as vinegar leaves the smell behind. Get that smooth and beautiful skin, as you deserve it.