How to Get That Dream Figure

Figure has always been a vital part of a woman’s personality. It can neither be perfect nor imperfect as it is a subjective area. Then what should it be like, million dollar question indeed. It has to be toned rather than slim. It should be proportionate rather than disproportionate.

The secret lies in healthy eating, living and sleeping habits. Some bodies are lean, some are muscular. Some bear the weight of muscles, some of bone and some of flab. So is dieting is a healthy option provided you intake more carbohydrates and calcium. You also need to eat fruits and salads with lots of water.

Make it a point to have a five course small meal. Have your meal on time. Don’t eat before an hour of your bed time rather has your dinner early. Be disciplined; do not play with the mechanism of your body. Porridge or barn biscuits and milk are best breakfast. Have a light lunch. Do not sleep after eating. Top your veggies and food with unsaturated butter; you won’t lose hair if you diet in a healthy way. A plate of fruits is a must. Add soup to your dinner, not ready made ones please. Cut a little protein and saturated fats (women).

If your body is not used to workouts; then please walk for an hour every day. Do not stretch yourself. If you have been to gym and still not losing weight, then try yoga or aerobics; if you bored with gym and regular workouts, try cycling and swimming and please do not hog after cycling and swimming. You will put on weight.

Do fast once a week. This is for your self-restrain. The hunger pangs need to be controlled so you will soon shed the extra fat rather than the muscle strength. Also keep eating pulses and keep changing your grain in between. Mix two to three grains and then you will lose easily as the body is used to single grain. Soya and Bajra (pearl millet) are the best options.

Remember to stick to natural sugars of fruits rather than artificial sweetener they reduce your immunity power. Have jaggery and not white or brown processed sugar. Have low fat cow milk rather than powdered. Healthy options are important rather than quick fixed ones.

Never stop eating, extreme dieting will make you anemic and lead to brain clots. Eat healthy and tune your own body according to your structure. Never try to imitate any one. You are beautiful and unique in your own way. Be healthy and stay fit.