How To Get Those Sexy Curls

Sexy Curls

So you desire to have sexy wavy hair that waves and bounces around your face. Those beautiful bouncing curls are both cute and sexy. You can easily have those curls, no matter if you have straight hair.

There are steps you can take to get that desired effect. The first option is for permanent curls; you can always go to the hairdresser and get a professional perm. If you are looking for something a little less permanent for a night out, you can go do your own curling at home. This can look just as good as the professional style and lasts only as long as your night does.

To do the temporary curl yourself, begin by washing your hair and let it air dry until just damp. Using a good curl creating styling gel, work the product into your hair. Now from here you have options depending on the style you want.

To get a shaggy, scrunchy, curled effect, flip your head upside down and begin drying with a blow dryer. At the same time scrunch your hair in your hand and work through scrunching as you dry. The result will be a full messy scrunched curl. Spray with hairspray and go.

Shaggy hairstyles

To get the big curls look, it is best to use rollers in your hair. So from the point we left off at, divide your hair into sections and use large or small rollers depending on the size of the curl you want.

use rollers in your hair

The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl you will get. One roller tip is to always use larger rollers in the back and smaller more delicate rollers in the front around your face. Let the rollers stand until your hair dries naturally. Pull out and spray with hairspray to be sure the style does not fall out throughout the day.

Pull out and spray with hairspray

Using hot rollers and curling irons are another option for easy curling; the only downside is that repeatedly using hot treatments on your hair can cause damage, so use carefully. But when using hot rollers, use them in the same way as the cold rollers, placing large in the back and small in the front. Finish in the same manner as before. A curling iron can be used for elaborate and beautiful hair styles.

Remember that longer hair will weigh more, pulling the curl straighter so if you want the tighter, stronger curl, go with a shorter hair style, like a layered cut and if you have fine thin hair, it is best to go with a feathered layering style which will give the appearance of volume and fullness. But remember, to maintain your curls do not over fuss with them. If you over brush or over work your curls, you risk straightening or frizzing them; which is not the look you want.

Using hot rollers and curling irons

These techniques are perfect for the girl who wants to change her hair on a whim and wants those curls for her night out.