How To Get Through A Breakup

How To Get Through A Breakup

How To Get Through A Breakup Break ups are different times of anyone’s life be it divorce of a marriage bond or end of a love relationship. The whole life seems disrupted, there is no hope for happiness and grievance overtakes everything. No matter how bad the relation was its break up is more worsening.

Though break up means end of a relationship but more painful is the withering of hopes, dreams associated with it. But like every ailment there has to be an end to the stress of break up and the sooner the better. There are few things to be kept in mind and followed to get through this break up trauma.

Tips to Get Through A Breakup

Analyze Realistically

Go through your break up process time and again and think over the reasons why you broke up. Although its painful but it will enable you to make a clear picture of the instance of break up. Undoubtedly there had been many good times in your relation but owing to issues from either of the sides this break up was inevitable.

There is no use in clinging to a relation loaded with grudges and harsh feelings. Introspect oneself as to understand your role in demise of the relation for avoiding them in future. It might be your mistake or your partner’s. Do not get into the guilt that you over reacted. You acted time appropriately. Do not keep false fantasy for your ex also longing for you. Do not fall in the remorse of the decision you took.

Break Away Completely

Deal with break up honestly. Do not try to get in touch with each other through phone, social networking sites, texting or mailing. Even if you are not actively getting connected do not try to sneak peak into others life by visiting facebook profiles. If your ex is pleading or trying to establish contact simply turn dumb and deaf to him/her. You can easily get caught up in the moment and break up will be more painful next time. So stay away from your ex by all means possible.

Allow Yourself to Grief

The grief out of break up is a natural outcome. It’s a mark of an end and a new beginning. Suppressing the anger, remorse and frustration will bottle up the emotions and will make you unable sail through this thunderstorm.

How To Get Through A Breakup

Do not fight back to your feelings. Let them come out. It’s okay to feel your rage boundless. It will fade away with time when you will welcome the awaiting celebrations of life whole heartedly.

Talk to Your Friends

Till the time you were in relationship you were totally cut from your life as well as social life. That’s the reason that break up makes you feel lonely and you conceive the idea that whole world has ended up. Getting back to friends is your remedial action now.

Connect to family and friends who support you and give you moral strength to overcome your emotional emptiness. Meet people and make new friends. Eventually you will start feeling love and richness back in your life with so many people around you to love you unconditionally and there is no point to shed tears anymore for someone who hurt you.


In the vague of horror of break up where you see no hope for your life do not loose yourself. The period post break up is marked with too much tension build up where you feel your life going nowhere and all world blocked up. The main cause of this mental state is your attitude and your perception you are feeding upon.

Jerk your mind of the darkness and gloomy things and welcome newness in your life with energized spirit. Nobody can help you but only you. Give a strong blow to the negativity encircling you and move ahead where lie is holding surprises for you. Your thoughts give shape to your present and future. So shape it properly with the light of hope.

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Channelize Your Pain Appropriately

There may be times when you feel like screaming out of pain, throwing everything or might be committing suicide even. Some may take escape to drugs and alcohol. Running away from situation or handling it destructively is not the solution.

How To Get Through A Breakup

Deal with your pain in a constructive manner. Get indulged into your hobbies. Let your emotions come out through writings, poetry, painting or dancing. You will feel comforting of pain and emotions will come out in pretty good way.

Maintain Your Self Esteem

After break up you might start feeling soft corner for your ex after sometime. But do not forget what you went through. For this jot down what you felt and much harder times you went through. Whenever you feel your lost love showing its head up simply go through what you wrote in your tough times. It will remind you that it’s not worth thinking good about your ex.

Dispose of memory triggers: You will be treasuring gifts given by your ex, shopping done with him/her, songs which you both used to cherish. There is no point in holding on to debris of a dead relation. Do not let those things to trigger your memory and torture you every time you see them. Flush of such things out of your life.

Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul

In addition to doing aforesaid things the most important thing is to take care of your mental and physical being. Take up any physical activity like going to gym, walking, swimming or aerobics. Sweat releases tension building hormones and make you feel energized and refreshed. Do meditation to connect to your inner self to get rid of negative vibes spoiling your life. Take lot of rest and pamper yourself. Take proper food and do not let your health reflect the ill effects of break up.

Break up is a dark chapter of life where one’s existence seems sunk in the darkness of gloom. Strong self determination, positive thinking and hope for better future will eventually evade the clouds of despair and life will again be dancing to the tunes of love.