How To Give A Swedish Leg Massage

effective swedish leg massage

effective swedish leg massageSometimes our legs should be given a break for they carry the whole load of our body every day.So it is better to give the legs a relaxation once in a while, relieving some of the stress that they undergo daily.
And nothing can be a better relaxation option than giving your legs a Swedish massage.

Swedish massage is one of the most popular forms of massage in the United States and is very effective in relieving the stress and tension of the body muscles. There are various ways of giving a Swedish massage and knowing a few techniques can equip you to give an effective Swedish leg massage at home.

Effective Swedish Leg Massage At Home

1. Ask your client to lie down with face up on the table with legs stretched out straight and arms lying loosely slightly away from the body. A relaxed posture is desired in order to begin your Swedish leg massage.

2. Pour some oil or massage lotion into your hands. The amount should be adequate so that it does not drip while massaging the legs. Rub the oil between your hands to warm it and then begin to knead the legs with your hands.

You can also make your own relaxing oil for the massage. For this you can take one carrier oil like grape seed oil or sunflower oil and combine it with a few drops of lavender essential oil. This gives an aromatic effect as well that enriches your relaxation.

3. Start with the left leg. Cup your hands around the ankle of your client. Place your thumb alongside the shin bone of the leg. Make sure not to massage directly on the shin bone as it is sensitive. Gently massage with equal pressure along your hands and begin to push up the leg along the shin to the knee.

4. Push all the way up the thigh with equal pressure stopping your hand on the inner side as it advances near the groin and continuing with the other hand that is on the outer side straight up the upper thigh. On reaching the upper thigh, bring your fingers to the side of the legs and with gentle equal pressure massage the side of the legs with both hands. Repeat this process several times.

5. On the thigh muscle put the heel of your hand just above the knee. Now place your other hand on top of this hand and firmly apply gentle pressure throughout as you glide the heel of your heel up to the length of the thigh.

6. Now the massage should be done in the opposite direction. For this put your hands under the legs and cupping the muscles move down back to the ankle in a sweeping movement. Use a lifting pressure on the leg so that the muscles lying against the table also gets the massage but make sure that you do not literally pick the leg up off the table. Repeat the process several times.

7. Now move to the other leg and repeat all the steps several times.

Swedish leg massage utilizes gentle techniques that help to relieve muscular as well as mental stress. But before giving the massage to your client or your dear ones you must always make sure that the massage space is warm and cozy because they will be covered with just a drape and need to be comfortable in front of you. You can also add to the ambience of the space by lighting aromatic candles, soft low music etc. to make the experience soothing for the client.

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