How to Give Your Hair Shine and a Healthy Look

People all over the globe are obsessed with getting the perfect hair. You might have seen that soft, shiny and silky hair in all the adverts for hair products that never tangles.

Celebrities will leave your mouth wide open, in surprise, with their beautiful and shinny hair. It may seem out of reach when you are on the outside looking in, but girl, you can have it.

The truth is, when you are comfortable and happy with the way you look, you will have more confidence when you go around your daily activities. And hey, you don’t need to go buying expensive hair products for this to work. You can just make certain changes in the way you take care of your hair.

Use Warm Water, Not Hot Water

Heat is not so good for hair. Hot water destroys some of the natural oils that promote shiny and healthy hair

This does not mean you should completely switch to cold water for your hair. No, just wash your hair with warm water.

They are not Miracles, Just Conditioners

Read the instructions on every bottle of conditioner before you start using. Most of the instructions will tell you to leave your conditioner on for at least five minutes before washing and rinsing.If you just rub conditioners in your hair and rinse off right away, you have wasted a good quantity for no good reason. Conditioners need time to work; your hair needs time to absorb all the nutrients contained in the conditioners.

It is also advisable to rinse out conditioners with cold water for better shine.

Dry with Care
Avoid rubbing your hair carelessly with a towel when drying. The rubbing will just tangle your hair and break more strands. Drying by applying heat may also damage your hair.

This also goes for hot irons when straightening your hair.

Remember that heat destroys your hair’s natural oils. It is best to let your hair dry without any help or if you are using a blow dryer, use conditioners that need heat to work. Also, to get more shine out of your hair when using a blow dryer, end your drying with low heat.

Vitamin E is quite good for your hair, so eating foods rich in Vitamin E is recommended. Fruits, green vegetables, brown rice and nuts are a few foods you should try to consume more.

You are probably wondering what vinegar could possibly do for your hair. Well, try it once and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Use a tablespoon of vinegar to a gallon of water. The effects are great and don’t worry about the smell. It won’t last.
Enjoy beautiful hair and a lot more confidence in everything you do.