How To Go From Dating To Relationship

How To Go From Dating To Relationship

How To Go From Dating To Relationship Dating and relationship: Broadly speaking, there is not much difference between these two terminologies. Both these terms involve a man and a woman (or maybe even two people of the same sex), and both these terms do carry some amount of involvement between the two mentioned people, although to different degrees. But look deeper and you will see that they are completely different relationships.

The Difference Between Dating and a Relationship

The main difference between dating and a relationship is that while the former is usually a casual way of seeing someone and getting to know that person better, a relationship involves taking this friendship to the next level. It involves a great deal of commitment and there is an unwritten pledge to be involved with only this person that you are committed to.

It is alright to date several people at the same time. However, this is not the case with a relationship – in a relationship both parties stop seeing other people.

Tips to Go from Dating to Relationship

Taking the First Step Toward a Relationship

Let us presume that you have been dating the man of your dreams for some time now and you are looking forward to taking this friendship to the next level. The first thing that you would need to do is find out if your man is on the same page as you are. Does he see you as just a casual date – a nice person to hang around with, or does he want to start seeing you exclusively too, as a couple?

No Room for Presumption

Presuming that he wants to get into a serious relationship with you is like putting the cart before the horse. This could lead to embarrassing and dire consequences if a relationship is not what he is looking for – not to forget to mention that it may even lead to you losing a dear friend.

How To Go From Dating To Relationship

Before suggesting it to him, find out from reliable sources if he would like to take this relationship to the next level, or be direct and ask him if he has ever contemplated the two of you seeing each other exclusively.

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The Rules of Dating

The rules of a relationship are very different from the rules of the dating game. Let us first take a look at the rules of dating. The first rule of dating is that there are no serious rules laid out that need to be followed. You may date as many as you wish; you may sleep with as many as you want to; you may even stop seeing one or more of your dates whenever it suits your fancy.

The Rules of a Relationship

Let us now take a look at the rules of a relationship. You are committed to one person alone. There is no question of either of you seeing anyone else. One-night stands are not permitted. Your partner and you are a couple and are introduced as a couple everywhere you go. Breaking off a relationship is serious – there is more heartache and emotions involved.

When considering taking your friendship from fun dating to a serious relationship, take each of these factors into consideration. Make sure you are ready to commit and to give up the fun dating scene. Also, be 100% sure that the man you want to be with is as committed as you are and is willing to go the whole hog way.