How To Handle Changes During Early Stages Of Pregnancy

pregnant womenIf you are pregnant for the first time, the early stages of pregnancy would be the most exciting time of your life. At this stage, you may want to learn about the changes that would take place in your body during pregnancy and how you can take care of your unborn baby.

While this is an exciting time, it is also important to understand that pregnancy-related changes start taking place from this stage. Therefore, for handling the situation better, it is advisable that you learn about these changes in advance so that you can remain mentally prepared. For your convenience, we have mentioned certain changes that take place during the early stages of pregnancy. Additionally, we have mentioned the most effective ways of dealing with these changes.

Early Stages Of Pregnancy

You will Feel Tired Easily

Most pregnant women agree that first trimester is the time when they feel fatigued the most. This is because from this phase onwards, the baby starts using resources of the body, which makes you feel easily tired. Also, there is a sharp increase in the hormones, which have a sedating effect on the would-be mother.


The best way of handing tiredness during this phase would be to take things slowly. Avoid overburdening yourself and do not hesitate to ask for help. If your doctor permits, you can also do light exercises. Alternatively, go for light walks.

You Will Feel Like Throwing Up

Most women experience morning sickness in the first trimester itself. In most cases, hormonal changes are responsible for causing morning sickness. Once 14 weeks of pregnancy are over, the intensity usually decreases.

morning sickness

Light or medium morning sickness can be handled by eating small meals throughout the day. You can also try ginger tea. However, in case you are experiencing extreme morning sickness, consulting a doctor would be a good idea.

You Will Feel The Desire To Urinate More Often

During the first trimester, you may feel the desire to use the washroom more often. This is because at this stage the uterus pressurizes the bladder, thus making you feel that you need to urinate. If you feel that you need to urinate, do not hesitate visiting the washroom. Also, don’t avoid decreasing your fluid intake for the fear of visiting the washroom regularly. Remember that your body needs more water during this phase.

Your Breasts Will Hurt

pain in breast

You may experience swollen breasts during the first trimester because hormones start preparing your body for producing milk. For reducing the discomfort, you should opt for a soft bra that has been made from a stretchy fabric. For extra support, go for bras that have wide straps.

You May Feel Dizzy

Dizziness is another problem commonly associated with first trimester pregnancy. In most cases, dizziness happens because of hormonal changes. For controlling dizziness, opt for regular meals. Also, if you are lying down for some time, avoid standing up suddenly. First, sit for few seconds and thereafter, stand up slowly. Consider these tips for undergoing a happy and stress-free pregnancy.