How to Have a Fit Pregnancy

healthy-pregnancyPregnancy is the period when a woman should take proper care of herself, because, by doing so, she is taking of her baby in the womb also.

She must keep herself in good health and maintain a positive spirit so that she can be healthy during the pregnancy; that will provide the foundation for a healthy baby. A nutritional diet is very essential for a pregnant woman.

A nutritional diet:

Many agencies undertake to provide nutritional diets to pregnant women. In addition to providing nutritional food they also monitor weight, evaluate body fat and then decide the type of food the woman requires. It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to crave certain types of food.

Some people are of the opinion that this craving has something to do with the child in her womb.  Scientists, however, believe that such cravings indicate the nutritional requirements of the ‘would be’ mother. Whatever be the reason for the craving, even these are addressed in a good diet so that the pregnant woman is in high spirits.

How much nutrition is required?

The nutritional requirement of a woman depends on how much she is engaged physically. A working woman, for example, may require more calories than the one who does not work outside of the home. In other words, the nutritional requirements depend on the amount of physical exercise the woman is getting. Apart from this, it is also advisable that the pregnant woman’s diet be discussed with her gynecologist.

Keep the women happy:

Another important factor in the case of a pregnant woman is to make her happy and keep her cheerful. This is another step for a healthy baby.


A pregnant woman should take up some physical exercises. There are specially designed exercises for her so that she keeps up her health. There are even some specially designed Yoga exercises for pregnant women. These exercises should be done under the direct supervision of a trained Yoga instructor.

Healthy atmosphere:

The baby in the womb requires good oxygen. Therefore, house a pregnant woman in an area that is free from atmospheric pollution, including people smoking. With the increased supply of oxygen, the baby in her womb will become a healthy person. After all, a healthy baby is what the mother requires most of all.