5 Tips To Have Beautiful Legs

Tips To Have Beautiful Legs

All of us envy models with long, beautiful legs that seem endless in shorts or skirts.  Below are some easy tips to get beautiful legs.

Warm Up: The first step to any exercise program is to warm up.  This helps one avoid muscle strain. You can warm up by walking or jogging on a treadmill, or by cycling on a stationary bike for five to ten minutes.

Walking or Jogging

Squats: Squats are the most important and effective of all exercises. Keep your feet spread apart at a distance a little over shoulder width. Bend your knees and keep them pointed forward.  Make sure that the weight you choose to use is well within the limits you can handle.

Overextending yourself will only cause strain.  Start off with the least amount of weight and slowly increase the weight with each set. Ideally, each set should consist of ten to fifteen squats.  The first and last set should include less weight than the rest.  Use the set of weights from the first set in your last set.


Lunges: These can be done with short steps or long steps. Long steps help tone the thigh muscles while short steps help firm the buttocks. Use whichever length of step best meets your needs.

It is recommended that you balance both to achieve better overall results.  Always be careful not to over exercise or take too large of strides as it can cause muscle strain. In this exercise use the same amount of weight throughout the set.  As with the squats, perform the exercise four times in each set.


Leg curls: This exercise is done while either standing or lying down. Both are equally effective and develop the hamstring muscles in the back of the leg. In this exercise weights should be slowly increased as was done in the squat sets.

Leg curls

Calf Raises: Finally, to work the calf muscles, calf raises should be done twice a week while sitting or standing. They should be done slowly, not quickly.  Because calf muscles are the muscles most used on a daily basis, heavier weights should be used to get better results.  Each set should include twenty to twenty-five raises and you should do four sets.

Any exercise should be done in smaller quantities and the amount of exercise should be gradually increased. If you start off heavily in the beginning, you might end up straining your muscles.

Calf Raises