How to Have Shiny and Healthy Hair

shinyhairThe most important step for having beautiful hair is to take good care of it, especially if you curl, straighten or blow dry often. Here are some tips for the maintaining your hair.

Ensure that you do not wash your hair too frequently, as doing so stimulates over-production of the oil glands in your head, making your hair greasy again more quickly. Also rinse your hair thoroughly so that there is no shampoo or conditioner left behind.

The chemicals in these products can cause your scalp to get dry and irritated, and become itchy. If these problems arise, try natural products for your hair, or use products containing natural ingredients. Conditioning your hair once a week with a protein conditioner keeps it healthy. Some natural protein conditioners are egg, beer and honey.

They are easily available and inexpensive. Clean your brushes regularly, as they are breeding grounds for bacteria. Wash them in warm soapy water and air-dry them. Store them in a clean, dry place that is not near the sink, as the water would spoil them.

Try not to brush your hair when it is wet. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Using the comb reduces hair fallout and breakage. Start combing from the bottom of your hair and slowly move upwards, because starting from the top only tangles it more and results in additional hair damage. Use a detangler if your hair is extremely tangled.

Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. Trims also help your hair grow faster and healthier. Not taking care of split ends will really spoil your hair and make the ends thin.

People with thin hair can try clip-on hair extensions. These are relatively inexpensive and do not require professional care. If you feel they do not suit you or are too cumbersome, you can just take them off.  Hair extensions are especially good for an evening out, or when you want to look really special. When buying an extension, check to see that it matches your hair color and is made of natural hair, as you might want to style it.

If you style your hair often by curling, ironing or blow-drying it, use the appropriate products to protect your hair. While blow-drying your hair, do not take the dryer too close to your hair, as it might burn your hair or scalp; the heat can also cause you to produce too much oil, making your hair greasy.

When straightening your hair, do not keep the iron at the same place for a long time. This again will damage your hair. Just take small sections of hair and run the iron from the top to the bottom quickly. With a little extra time and care you can have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.