How To Hide Dark Circles With Makeup

Dark Circles With Makeup

Dark circles spoil the look of the eyes and consequently the over all look of the face. But makeup is the tool that can successfully and very easily hide these and make your eyes look beautiful. Remember that if makeup is applied in the right manner then it can enhance your beauty by highlighting what is good on your face and hide the flaws.

Dark circles are a very common problem and they can be overcome very successfully if you follow the following tips and suggestions.

Clean your face and then apply a lotion. Make sure that the quantity of the lotion is very small. Let the lotion set and sink into the skin. It will take few minutes. This step is very important as it will help the makeup to glide on very smoothly and evenly and in addition it will keep the lines and wrinkles of the face from being magnified.

Apply a Lotion

Then you need to put a very small drop of the concealer on the tip of the middle finger and dab it very gently and carefully on the dark circles. Use outward motions and rub it very gently across the skin. Make sure to blend it very well to avoid an artificial look. Then the face is ready for the normal make up.

rub lotion very gently across the skin

Apply the foundation as usual, but make sure to apply a very thin layer of it. Blend it with the concealer carefully and properly.

Then the next step is to apply the eye shadow. Make sure that the color of the eye shadow should be such that it lessens the purple or blue look under the eye area. Instead of blues and purples, go for browns, taupe or even gold, which will not only hide your dark circles but also make your eyes look very beautiful.

Follow the above things very carefully and you yourself will find that as if you do not have any dark circles at all.

Seriously, those dark circles can be very successfully and naturally hidden under the cover of the make up. This will enhance the beauty of your face and make you look more attractive.

Apply the foundation as usual