How To Hydrate Your Dry Face Skin

How To Hydrate Your Dry Face Skin

How To Hydrate Your Dry Face Skin Proper hydration is necessary for the healthy glow of our skin. Our body needs water for all its regular functioning. So, it is important that you supplement its need by drinking plenty of fluids.

Only when all is well inside, it will be reflected through the radiance on our face. However, the various external elements also take their toll-too much- sun, harsh winter months etc. In this scenario it is crucial that you provide moisture to your skin from outside besides having the maximum fluid intake. This is how you can hydrate your dry face to restore its former glory.


Let you skin breath. Remove all the dirt, grime and the dead cells from your face by using gentle face scrubs made from natural ingredients like lemon and milk combination, oatmeal, cider vinegar etc. There is a whole lot to choose from.

By using these exfoliators you create the platform for proper hydration of your face because otherwise all the pores of your skin are clogged which hinder the moisture from deep penetration. Follow this up with a through cleansing regime using a good quality cleansing milk. Then moisturize by applying a mild moisturizing cream for proper hydration of your dry face skin.

Face Masks

Myriad face masks can be prepared by using homemade products. Here we discuss some of them which are just right for your dry skin. Before using any face mask it is important that your face is devoid of any foreign elements like cosmetics etc. Thoroughly cleanse your face using mild soap and pat dry and now you are ready to proceed.

First is a fruit based face mask you may use any fruit of your choice be it banana, avocado or peach. Mash the fruit and mix with olive oil to prepare a non-dripping mask. Apply on the face and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Use a moisturizer of your choice to seal the moisture in.

Blend deseeded and sliced cucumber along with aloe vera gel in a food processor. Apply the paste on your skin and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse and moisturize. Mix aloe vera gel, cocoa butter and olive or coconut oil in a bowl. Apply it on the face and leave for some time.

Whatever the mask you prepare you have the liberty of adding organic honey to it as honey is one of the best natural moisturizers available. Also, the mask should be applied everywhere on the face but leave the eyes alone. You can put sliced cucumber on your eyes. This will help you to relax in a proper way and it will give a cooling effect to your face.


Regular moisturization after bath and before bedtime is must. Make it a habit similar to brushing. Oil free moisturizers work best. Say no to caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. Also minimize alcohol intake, they dehydrate your body robbing you of precious moisture. Get maximum protection from sun in all the seasons.

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