How To Identify Types Of Furs

different types of fur

different types of furFur clothing is made up of animal hair, particularly of mammals. Leather with some amount of hairs attached to it is also called fur. People have been using fur as clothing since centuries.

Fur clothes are generally used for insulation purposes, during cold weather. Although fur coats look awesome and very luxurious, they are very costly and go against the ethical treatment of animals. Even if you like to wear a fur coat, just imagine the plight of the innocent animals which were slaughtered to make the coat.

They have been poached and killed to get the fur. And this is the reason, why scientists have developed fake or faux fur. These are also very comfortable like true animal fur, but still they lack in the warmth and texture of a true animal fur.

Types Of Furs

1. Fake or Faux Fur

Fake fur or faux fur is an alternative to original animal furs. These furs are made from synthetic fibers, and are available in a variety of colours and textures. Just like true animal fur, fake fur is also used to make garments, especially sweaters and other warm clothes.

The use of this type of fur was promoted by animal rights activists and animal welfare organizations, as they protested against legal and illegal use of animal furs, for making garments. After all we have no right to kill animals, just for the sake of luxury clothing. Although being beneficial, these furs are not as comfortable and costly as a true animal fur.

2. Animal Fur

Animal fur coats are made from the skin of animals. To prepare a garment, animal fur is first processed and then made into layers. Normally furs consist of two layers. They are ground hair layer and guard hair layer. Ground hair lies at the base, and consists of smaller and denser hairs, than the upper layer.

The primary function of this layer is heat insulation. The upper guard hair consists of longer and coarser hairs. This layer of hair consists of the pigmentation of the animal fur. Apart from this a third layer, called the awe layer may sometimes exist between the first two layers. There are various types of animal furs and some of them include.

a) Beaver Fur

Beaver is an aquatic animal, which is now found only in North America. Beaver’s fur are very shiny and soft, and with very thick under fur, called duvet, or beaver wool. The colours of beavers can range from golden brown on the sides, and dark brown on the back. And it can sometimes even be silverfish in colour. Nevertheless, the fur of beaver should never be red in colour. Normally northern US beaver furs are most costly than southern ones.

b) Fox Fur

Fox furs became very famous among fur coat wearers, when the ranch farmers started raising foxes, but as soon as the popularity went off, they started growing minks. Usually fox coats are very long, and they have various types of colours. Normally the most common reddish brown coloured fox are the least expensive, while the silverfish and white mutations of fox furs are quite sought after and are very expensive.

c) Wolf Fur

Wolf furs were quite popular, and were mostly used for making scars, and sometimes even for making jackets, rugs and coats. The fur colour has a dark brown or yellowish colour at the middle part, with white stripe on the sides.

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