How To Impress Your Crush At The Beach

impress your crush on beach

impress your crush on beachIrrespective of how mature we get, the first step towards the starting of a romantic relationship is always attraction. This can be mutual or one sided. If it is mutual then not much is needed to do to communicate with each other but in case if you have developed a one sided crush on an individual then you will have to take steps to make him or her understand your feelings.

Romance is always unpredictable and your first step towards falling for a person can even start from the beach. If you are on the lookout for means and ways as to how to impress your crush at the beach then rest assured that simple gestures and expressions will help in making the other person understand your feelings. In this article we will be discussing some good ways by which we can impress our crush at the beach.


Having self confidence is one of the easiest ways of impressing a person of your liking. Confidence helps to enhance your personality and makes people get attracted towards you.

If you are looking to impress your crush on the beach then be sure that what you wear does not embarrass you. Your beach suit should compliment your confidence as then only you will be able to pose an attractive demure.

Start A Conversation

Even when the other person is attracted towards you, there might be the existence of some hesitations in communicating directly with you. You will have to eliminate his or her barrier in being the first one to approach and start off a healthy conversation.

It is always advisable that when you start to converse with a stranger whom you wish to impress, talk intelligently rather than showing off your ego. This would instead put off the person and make you appear as a person with false and egoistic attitude. Conversations that is oriented towards general topics like health, weather etc are a welcome start to a healthy interaction.

In case the crush is one sided, attract your crush by being sweet to the people around you. Show off your pleasant personality and be nice and genuine to others. This will attract the person of your choice towards you.

Make Yourself Noticeable

If your crush is busy conversing with others and fails to notice you around then there is no harm in jumping in to a conversation without being invited as long as it does not get rude. It is rather better to replace the word ‘jump’ with ‘join’ in to a conversation.

The best way of joining would be to make an intelligent comment that is relevant to the ongoing conversation. Never try to dominate a conversation or prove your point as this might invariably lead to a heated conversation and put off the person for whom you had initiated the conversation. Your main focus would be to show that you are fun to converse with and share the same interests as him or her.

Enjoy Yourself

tips to impress your crush on beach

One of the best ways of attracting your crush toward yourself is by enjoying. This will show that you are a fun person to be with and people enjoy your company. Toss a ball around, play with the kids in the group, participate in beach games and you are surely to attract the person of your choice towards yourself.

Get Involved In Some Amazing Activities

Human instinct always gets attracted towards anything that is different. In accordance with this human nature, try to be different from others. This however does not imply that you will have to be assertive and be over smart to attract the attention of others. These kinds of activity will surely attract attention but in a negative way.

Try getting involved in some amazing activities. For example participate in beach cleanliness drive or organize a donation camp on the beach for the underprivileged, take part in beach security drills or some adventurous sports like jet skiing, surfing etc.

Undertake an activity that will initiate a chat with the person you like automatically. If there are scope for group activities then try to pair up with him or her so that later on you can start a conversation by sharing your experiences with each other.

Organize A Picnic

Picnics are always fun and if you can organize one then be sure that you will have all the attention of the person you have a crush on. One of the most successful solutions to the question as to how to impress your crush at the beach is by organizing a beach party.

People like having fun and usually it is this fun filled environment that sparks the first steps towards romance. If you are a good cook then bring some home-made eateries for the party and see to it that your guy gets to have a taste of it. This will surely bring the two of you close to each other.

While flaunting and being confident are essential for drawing the attention of the person for whom you have a crush, remaining subtle and holding on to your own can also help in attracting him or her towards you. While it is good to be bold and have the courage to go ahead and initiate the first step towards a romantic conversation but sometimes being a little subtle and shy can become the main point of attraction.

You can hint around that you like a particular person so that you are sure that the words reach him or her but do not approach the person directly. This will have two fold benefits. Firstly, you will get to know if the individual shares the same feelings for you and will prevent you from getting in to an embarrassing position and secondly by playing it cool you get to hold on to yourself and create a aura of mystery around you. Anything that remains unknown to us is always attractive and this other human nature will draw the attention of your crush. Being yourself actually shows off your personality and makes you attractive!