How To Keep A Man Interested

keep a man interested

keep a man interestedIt is often said that men are very “slippery creatures”. They just love the hunt, but keeping them interested in you could be a herculean task. For many men, getting they prize they desire – you – could make them really happy.

However, staying in a relationship with you could become boring after a while, and they begin to hunt for more interesting women who give them the same hormonal rush that they had when they were pursuing you. It can, of course, be quite discouraging for you. After all, women have the tendency to always hope they will meet a Prince Charming, who would sweep them off their feet and they will “live happily ever after”.

In reality, though, staying in a relationship and keeping men in check is not so easy – especially not at a point of time when many men run from the idea of commitment or being with a person for long. Well, if you are in a relationship and you wish to keep your guy interested in you, then follow the below suggestions.

Surprise Him

Many women tend to stop being interesting or mysterious once they get the man they wanted. When they were out to attract a man, they would have tried a number of strategies to get his interest. However, all that fades after a couple of months into a relationship with him. Keep things interesting by planning little surprises. Think of what might surprise him, rather than just you.

While surprising him, a point of caution is that you should not appear too desperate. If a man gets the impression that you are trying to force him to make a commitment to you, he is likely to run in the opposite direction. Therefore, tread carefully, while making yourself a fun person to be around.

One way in which to surprise him is to pick out a movie that you know he would like and watch it together. You might just hate the movie. However, he would just love you all the more if you surprise him with it.

Keep Your Beauty Secrets A Secret

Just because a man loves your flawless skin, there is no need to parade before him while wearing face packs. Or, just because your boyfriend loves your bright smile, you do not need to sit in front of him while wearing teeth whiteners. These are absolute turn-offs.

Allow your beauty secrets to remain just that – secrets. Giving your man a peek into the truth behind your beauty could send him running in the opposite direction. Of course, you would definitely not want to slather on layers of makeup and drive him away either. It is good to be natural. However, keep him away from the face packs, bleaches, waxing, and similar beauty secrets. The finished product is all that he needs to see.

keep a man interested in you

Do Not Nag Or Cling

Men hate women who cling to them or nag them. Never treat them like little boys, even if they behave like little boys. Yes, there are times where they could make the wrong decisions, and, yes, there are times where your man could make mistakes. Nagging him about it would just put him off you.

Cribbing about people, things and your lot in life will just push him away. Never be clingy or overly dependent. Men like independent women. This does not mean to say that they do not like to be applied to for advice or guidance. They do love being there for you.

They just wouldn’t want your whole life’s burdens to be dropped on their shoulders, and they definitely would not want to be seen as a sounding board for everything that happens in your life. If you are a person who is always clinging, weeping, nagging or treating your man like he is your therapist, you can be sure that your relationship is not going to last.

Make Changes

Men love variety. That’s one of the reasons why many men go after other women. Therefore, give him variety. Subtle changes in your appearance will not do the trick. To keep your man interested, make big changes that are sure to make his jaw drop. For example, if he loves short hair on girls, go in for a smart new crop that flatters your looks and makes a noticeable difference in your appearance.

Another thing you could consider is modifying your wardrobe periodically. If you have been seen around in jeans a lot, try switching over to skirts for a change. Your man will love the change. If you wear hair colour, try changing colours on and off. Making changes in the way you look will keep his interest alive, making him feel that there is still much more to you that he has to learn.

Play It Cool

If your man has not committed completely to you, there is no reason why you should invest too much into the relationship. While it is good to not play the field, there’s nothing wrong in checking out a bit of his competition. As long as a man believes that you will be there for as long as he wants, no matter what he does, he is more likely to go after other girls, get tired of you, and then probably come back to you after playing the field.

Give him a bit of his own by going out on casual dates with other men too. If going on other dates goes against the grain for you, then you can just hang out with friends, while ensuring that you include a few guys in the group as well. A man is more likely to hold on to you tightly if he knows that other men find you desirable.

Flashing a smile at his friend or throwing flirty glances at anyone he knows will also get his interest glued to you. Even when you are out with your man, make an extra effort to look good. When other men admire you, it makes him appreciate the fact that you belong to him, and he will work harder to ensure that you are always his.