7 Tips To Keep Light Skin Tone

Light Skin Tone

If you were born with light and fair complexion but have lost the fairness of your skin in the recent years then you might crave for that light complexion that you once enjoyed.

Light Skin Tone

Being born with a light skin tone does not mean that you don’t need to care for your skin. And if you do not care for your skin properly then eventually your skin complexion may turn darker due to many reasons.

One of the most common causes for the discolored skin is the excessive exposure to the sun over the years. Although, skin tone largely depends on the genetics, it can also be affected by other factors like hormonal changes and diet. If you want to keep your skin tone lighter then you can go ahead and read the following tips on keeping light skin tone. Some of these tips are very simple and can be followed in day to day life.

How To Keep Light Skin Tone:

Apply Skin Lightening Creams/Lotions

Skin tone becomes darker due to the excessive production of the melanin pigments. Choose a skin lightening cream or lotion that contains hydroquinone as one of the chief ingredients. With prolonged use of this cream or lotion, you will notice that your skin tone has started getting lighter.

This is chiefly due to the property possessed by the hydroquinone chemical. This chemical has the property of inhibiting melanin. When melanin production is reduced, your skin automatically gets lighter skin tone.

Skin Lightening Creams

Use Prescription Skin Lightening Creams

Although you can get many OTC skin lightening creams in the market, you should consult your dermatologist and get a stronger skin bleaching cream prescribed for your skin.

In case, you have a sensitive skin then you may experience some sort of skin irritation in the beginning but this irritation will vanish after some days of using the skin bleaching creams. But if this irritation persists then it is better to report it to your dermatologist.

Use Prescription Skin Lightening Creams

Use Facial & Body Scrub

Usually the uppermost layer of the skin is comparatively darker and spoils your overall beauty. You can gradually remove the upper layer of the skin by exfoliating your skin regularly. Using scrubs can help you considerably in keeping your skin tone lighter. You must try to use a body scrub along with facial scrub at least twice or thrice per week to keep light skin tone.

Use Scrub

Use Chemical Peel

Chemical peel can be very effective in keeping your skin tone light. You can find chemical peels of different strength that may range from mild to deep. Deep chemical peels are efficient in treating most of the layers of your skin and hence give you comparatively lighter skin.

But you may experience some aftereffects of these deep peels in the form of irritated, red and swollen skin that may persist for a few days. Deep peels work by burning away the upper layers of your skin and exposing the inner lighter layer.

Phenol peel is regarded as the strongest peel. It is a deep tissue peel during which the top skin layers get moved. It is effective in keeping your skin tone light, removing your age spots, pigmentation as well as blemishes.

People, who want to avoid the aftereffects of the deep chemical peels, can opt for mild chemical peels for keeping their skin tone light. In order to get long lasting effects, you must get these chemical peels performed by a dermatologist and that too in a series.

Use Chemical Peel

Apply Face Mask

A wide range of homemade face mask is available that can help you to keep light skin tone. These face masks are easier to prepare and have almost no side effects. These are cost effective too. An effective face mask for getting light skin tone can be prepared by using ingredients like sandalwood paste, tomato juice, lemon juice and cucumber juice.

You should take these ingredients in equal amount each preferably one teaspoon each and then prepare a thick and consistent paste by mixing them thoroughly. Apply this mask on your face or on the skin area that has to be lightened.

Applying a thick and even layer is necessitated. Let this mask remain on your skin until it gets dry. After this you should wash it with clean water to get light skin tone. This face mask will provide a light and natural glow to your skin.

Face Mask

Use Lemon Juice

Natural juice is loaded with Vitamin C, which is a natural skin lightener ingredient. It has been stated that Vitamin C promotes cell regeneration and thus produces lightening effects on your skin. You can use lemon juice directly on your skin to get light skin tone. Apply freshly prepared lemon juice on the affected area of the skin and let it remain for about 15 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you should rinse it off with warm water.

Another way to use lemon juice for keeping your skin tone light is to use it as a body rinse or a facial rinse. You can prepare facial/body rinse by mixing several drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice with tepid water. You should preferably use this rinse weekly in order to get maximum benefit. You can also use serums or lotions that contain Vitamin C as one of the main ingredients to keep light skin tone.

Lemon Juice

Wear Sunscreen

Whatever steps you follow to keep your skin tone light, if you don’t take precautions against the harmful effects of the Sun, then your efforts may not have long lasting effects. If you want to keep light skin tone then you will have to minimize your exposure to the direct sunlight and will also have to wear sunscreen while stepping out in the sun.

Your sunscreen should be armed with Sun Protection Factor of at least 30 and you should apply it on your exposed skin at least 20 to 25 minutes before going out in the sun. You must also use sunscreen while going on a long drive in your car. This is very much essential in order to keep light skin tone. Use of sunscreen is also recommended during the months of winter season.

Wear Sunscreen