How To Keep The Spark Alive In A Relationship

keep spark alive in relationship

keep spark alive in relationshipA relationship normally begins with a spark, which is enough to start even an inferno, but then after sometime the flames become quiet until you realize that there is nothing left, only some dying embers.

This is what happens to most of the couples. Today the world is full of competition and no one has got time for their own self neither for their partner. This is actually hampering relationship, whether it is a long term or short term. People are running behind success and money but getting away from their loved ones.

Out of 100 only 1 percent of the relationship last long and do you know the reason why? The answer is simple, because, there is no spark that used to be at the beginning of the relationship. As the time passes your relationship also starts losing its spark and one day it ends. Finding the right partner is a challenging task for both men and women but it becomes more difficult for women.

If you are into a relationship keeping the spark alive is necessary for both the partners because after sometimes the relation starts losing the warmth. There are certain things that need to be followed if you want to keep your relationship strong. You must keep in mind that to spend more and more time with your partner if you want him to want you and love you is the right way to keep the spark between the relationship alive.

In order to stay together the spark or the warmth in the relation is important. Keeping the spark in the relationship after long years of marriage is quite difficult because it starts losing as the time passes on. The relationship should have undying love which is important to keep the spark alive.

Ways to Keep the Spark Alive

There are several ways through which you can keep the spark of your relationship alive. It is not so difficult, in fact just spicing your relationship would be easy, but you just need to stop getting lazy. Dress up just for him or her in the same way as you dressed for your first date.

You took lot of efforts and care just to impress and to look right. As the time passes you don’t give much importance to dressing or to your looks. The main point to notice is that it actually shows how much you really care about what they tell or think about you.

The important tool that you have is your ears, hence active listening to your partner’s woes regarding family, friends or work will show that you always care and you will be always there for him or her. Just try to follow what your partner has to say and add some words to it as this will let them know that you are following them. Nothing can be as simple as this.

Do Activities That Your Partner Likes

It is not necessary that you and your partner should have the same nature and passion. In order to make your partner happy try doing things that your partner likes. This way you will make him realize that he holds an important place in your life and your relationship will also become stronger. You can go out with your love to watch movie or sports that your partner likes. In your relation it is important that you understand the needs of each other.

ways to keep spark alive in relationship

Lay Emphasis On Niceties

You need to share the physical fantasies with your partner. This can bring a huge change in your relationship. You must make your man know that you love him a lot. If he is aware of your passion and love for him then he will want you more desperately.

You must know the ways to keep your partner happy if you are willing to get married to the person you love. You need to keep him happy always whether it is just on a phone call, on the bed or any other time. These might appear to be quite simple but requires proper attention to keep the spark alive in your relation.

Experiment With Your Looks And Style to Surprise Him Occasionally

To make him attracted towards you it is important to do some experiments with your looks and clothes as well. Remember every man would like to see their love or partner look good and attractive than others.

Try out some new hair styles; make up to keep your man wanting you. All these small moments and things will help you a lot in keeping the relationship romantic and keeping the spark alive always.

Communication Is Another Way to Keep the Spark Alive

Communication plays a vital role in keeping the spark alive in a relationship. Both the partners should communicate with each other at least once in the whole day even if both of you have a busy schedule. If you keep communicating with each other, the insecurities in the relationship will fade away.

Some Other Ways to Ignite the Lost Flame

There are few more ways that will help both of you to come close. On regular basis do something new and different together.  Visit some new places, watch different movies, join short class, learn sailing or dance together.  The newness as well as sense of new adventure which you both share will fill up the gap and bring the same closeness that you had at the time when you started your relationship.

You can try to put laugher back in your relationship, since it is the best medicine. The stress and tension takes happiness from both of your lives and one will get worried about the different anxieties of life leaving behind less time for one another. Instead of getting worried on the issues, you should search something which can make you laugh.

Try to make use of the above ways so that you can stay happy with your partner. It is only you who can save your relationship, so try hard to make it grow. Just be real with your partner and spend more time with them. This will automatically help you to keep the spark alive in your relationship.