How To Keep Your Man Hooked

Keep Your Man Hooked

Keep Your Man HookedAll women want their men to be hooked to them forever. However that is something which does not happen always. Keeping your male partner always interested in you can be a tough task but this is important to keep your relationship alive.

Many relationships are there that begin in the right way but end up due to several mistakes and arguments. Different mistakes committed by you can make your man move in the opposite direction. You will be able to keep your man happy and impressed by correcting these mistakes.

So it is essential that you understand him as well as his requirements and expectations. This will help you to create a strong as well as lasting relationship. There are different things that will keep your male partner interested in you and you should be aware of them. You should know the right techniques and strategies.

Look Attractive

Try to ensure that you look neat, clean and attractive. Many women do not pay attention to their looks after a certain period of time. Some also do not dress up in the right way while going to an occasion. This is something that can turn off your man. Every guy wants his woman to be attractive and well dressed. So, looking the best always is important for your relationship.

Try to buy new outfits that will make you look glamorous. You can go with him for a special dinner or a date. By spending time together you will be able to understand each other in a better way. A proper understanding is highly required for any healthy relationship.

Show Confidence

You must show him your confidence as a man likes a confident woman. He must understand that you are a perfect partner. You must always believe in yourself. An important thing that you must remember is that your guy should not fall only for your physical beauty or sex. An emotional connection is the most important thing for your relationship. If your man feels that he needs you truly then the physical beauty would not be important for him.

tips to keep your man hooked

Do Not Be Too Much Desperate And Possessive In the Relationship

Being too much possessive or questioning for all of his actions may harm the relationship. This will make your man become tired of you and ultimately he might dump you. So you should stop to do so. You should be realistic and practical. A successful relationship is highly depended on how much you understand each other.

If you want your man to stay with you always then you might be chasing him away. You should keep in mind that your man has a life of his own and he needs enough space. So, you must provide the adequate space he needs. If you keep little bit distance then he will start to feel for you.

Express Love

You can do some special things for expressing your love for your man. You can surprise him with a gift according to his likes and moods. You can cook a special dinner recipe for him. Some small things can do wonders in your love life. You must remember his life’s special days such as his birthday and wish him. By doing these things you will be able to keep your guy hooked in the relationship.

Spend A Nice Time

Spending some quality moments together will help in improving the relationship. Try to love your man and avoid irritating him or fighting with him. When both of you are working it becomes really tough to spend time with each other on the week days. So you can utilize the weekend to spend enough time together. You can go out with your partner during the weekends. More time spent together will make help in enhancing relationship. Good communication is really important for keeping your man hooked.

Do not show your frustrations and anger to your male partner. This is a common problem for many couples and is extremely harmful for the relationship. Do not speak with your man in a harsh manner which may make him feel bad. Instead of doing this you may try to sit and share your problems with your partner. He may help you with the right solutions. You can provide him with mental support when it is required.

Body Language

Your body language is an important thing in the relationship. You will be able to communicate a lot of things through it. You can keep your man attracted towards you with the help of your body language. It is an important aspect that you must not avoid if you want to keep your guy hooked. You must let him understand that you are interested in him.


This is an excellent way of winning over the man you love. You can mingle with other men in order to make him feel jealous.

Overall Personality

Your overall personality or behavior is something that will attract your male partner towards yourself. This will also make improvements into your relationship. If there any mistake done by your man, then you must not attack him first. Try to analyze the situation and understand the actual problem. Try to develop the good qualities that you have and at the same time eliminate the negative ones. You have the key of a stronger relationship. The right techniques will definitely keep your guy hooked.

Always try to be positive. This is vital for your relationship. Try to find out the fun in life and try to make him laugh. Also ensure that your man is healthy and well fed. You must learn to cook the foods that are his favorite. Respect his preference and the things that he likes. Never stop communicating with him as that is the most essential aspect of any relationship. Another barrier in a relationship is criticism. So you must not criticize your male partner. You can also apologize when it is required.

Following the right tips and techniques will help you to win your man’s love and this will result in a lasting relationship.