8 Steps Keep Your Skin Clear And Healthy

8 Steps Keep Your Skin Clear And Healthy

All of us look for clear and smooth skin that will look healthy and glowing every time. For that we take the help of various skin care products.However, we should remember cosmetics alone cannot improve our skin condition.

For an overall improvement we require to follow a healthy and disciplined lifestyle that includes good diet, daily exercising and proper sleep and relaxation.Here are a few tips on how you can keep your skin clear and healthy:

Ways To Keep Skin Clear And Healthy

Avoid Long Showers

This is a fact that we love to take long steamy showers and spend hours together inside the bathroom. This can be bad for the skin. Limit your shower time and see the difference. Hot showers can dry out the skin.Dry skin will slowly get dehydrated and lot of skin issues like flaking and lines can be developed.


Exfoliate Skin

It is best to use an exfoliating agent for the skin to ward away dead skin cells that make you look dull and can give you black and white heads. You can try the readily available ones from the market or make your own exfoliator with natural products like oats. A massage with a face towel can even do the trick.



Hydrating your body in and out is one of the most important steps to maintain your skin’s good health.Try to drink loads of water throughout the day.Moisturise your skin with a lotion that is suitable for your skin type. Often people with oily skin skip this step thinking that it will turn greasy. In this case opt for an oil-free moisturizer.

drink water 1

Eat Greens

Consume a lot of green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Try to include a portion of salad in your meals. Lettuce leaves are good for health too. Green vegetables have lot of vitamin contents that can help to boost your skin’s glow and overall health.

eat lots of food

Seek to Nature

Using cosmetics can be good but using natural products to groom your skin is a better option. Try to use natural cleansers like milk and coconut oil or make a moisturizer out of honey and cream. You can make an instant glowing pack with turmeric and orange zests.


Use Tea Tree Oil

Acne and spots can be a hindrance to your skin.Use tea tree oil to ward it off. You can use it directly or can mix it with your daily lotion to balance the skin. This will prevent new pimples from developing and ward off the existing ones, making the complexion smoother.


No Addiction

Avoid smoking and drinking too much. Generally alcohol dehydrates skin and makes it dull. So it is better to skip these evils. The nicotine present in cigarettes can be dangerous for your health and will make you sick. Even too much consumption of coffee can dry out the complexion because of the caffeine content.

no tabacco

Sun Safety

Be safe from the harmful rays of the sun and avoid being outdoors during the peak sunny hours. Even if you have to go out at that time make sure to carry an umbrella and use sunglasses. Wear a sunscreen lotion every time of the day. Even if you are indoors or the climate is quite gloomy or rainy.

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