How to know if He has been Cheating on you

Being cheated by your partner is extremely disappointing. Most of the women have this insecurity. Some are extremely straight forward and ask their partner directly if he has been cheating her while others want to gather significant proves and signs before confronting him.

Following are possibly the most common signs that suggest he has been cheating on you.

Picks Unpredictable Fights

If he has been picking up fights with you for no reasonable factor, he possibly is cheating on you. This occurs because of the reason that he is extremely exhausted in keeping everything out of your sight. So, he may try to put blame on you so you may assume that there is something wrong with you. This way he can get away.

Compliments No more or Compliments too Often

Out of his guilt, he may try to compliment you on your looks more often. An alternate behavior is that he may completely become unaware about how you look and all those compliments that he used to shower on you may suddenly be gone.

Sudden Showering of Gifts

He may start bringing gifts for you without any reason. This may be due to the guilt that he has been cheating you.

Change in Sleeping Ways

This is a major sign. You may know him, about how he sleeps, etc. Sudden change in sleeping habits like not hugging while sleeping (which he used to do before), sleeps with back towards you or falls sleep early shows that he has been sleeping with another women.

Is Possessive About his Phone, Attends Call at Odd Hours

Men who cheat become extra possessive of their mobiles. If you touch his phone, even unknowingly during cleaning, he may react too much and crib about you not respect his privacy. If he is attending calls at odd hours that too by going out of the room, there is something fishy for sure.

Smells Different

This one is really simple. He may smell different than the usual because he may be bathing at her place or using her perfume.

Asks for your Schedule Regularly

He does not want you to catch him or bump into his girlfriend, so asks you regularly about your schedule.