How To Look And Feel Beautiful

How To Look And Feel Beautiful

How To Look And Feel Beautiful Have you ever noticed a new born baby? If you have, then you must have noticed that all the new born babies are bestowed with a beautiful and flawless complexion, soft hair and a pristine look. In fact, God bestows all of us with natural beauty, it is we who begin to lose it as we grow up and hence the responsibility of regaining the same beauty lies on our shoulders.

So, if you are keen to look and feel beautiful then follow these tips. We have divided the tips to look good in two parts – physical aspect and personality development.

Tips for a Beautiful Body

In order to look beautiful, we need to take care of those aspects of our body which can show improvement and are changeable. For example, features and facial contour is something we cannot d much about. They are God given and cannot change easily but there are few other things which can change with proper care and can add beauty to our looks. These three assets of our personality are – hair, skin and teeth.

Hair Care

The first step towards getting beautiful hair is recognizing your type of hair. If your hair are apparently dry or oily than it is fine, you know their type but if sometimes your hair feel oily and sometimes dry or your scalp is oily but hair seem dry or any other such confusing condition then it will be better to visit an expert on hair care.

It can be a beauty expert at the local spa or a trichologist. Visit them and determine your type of hair. Then take adequate care of your hair. Massage them with hair oil, shampoo and condition them as per your hair type. Try to apply a hair pack at least once a week. With the change of season, take care of your hair accordingly. Consume foods that are rich in iron and protein like eggs, pulses, green vegetables, fruits, chicken, etc.

Skin Care

A good skin care regimen includes cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin daily. Identify your skin type and use skin care products which suit your skin well. Pamper your skin on weekly basis with a good face pack. For maintaining youthful glow, get your monthly facials regularly and protect your skin from harmful rays of sun by applying a broad spectrum sun screen.

How To Look And Feel Beautiful

With the change of weather, change your skin care products and use the ones which suit you with the changing climate. Eat foods that are good for your skin like whole grains, fruits, salads, soups, etc.


White pearly teeth are such an important asset of our personality but still they are by and large ignored when it comes to beauty care. For maintaining the beauty and health of your teeth, make it a point to brush your teeth twice a day. Always floss your teeth immediately after brushing so that the food particles trapped in between the teeth are flushed out. Always rinse your mouth well after eating snacks or food.

If there is any problem in your teeth then do not ignore it. Immediately visit your dentist and get it treated because teeth problems can take a really bad form and can destroy your facial beauty. If your teeth have plaque deposits and look yellowish and dirty then ask your dentist for bleaching treatments.

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Personality Grooming Tips

Merely looking good does not make us beautiful in the real sense of word. In today’s era of professionalism a beautiful woman is one who looks good and who knows how to carry herself with élan. Here are few tips to groom your personality as well.

Work on Your Voice

A confident, clear and sweet voice attracts us immediately. Try to work on making your voice attractive. For this, take newspaper and read a news item out of it. Record your voice as you speak on a recorder or mobile phone and listen to it carefully. Do you find yourself fumbling somewhere or shouting somewhere in your speech?

How To Look And Feel Beautiful

Do you think that you speak quite fast? Do you think your pronunciation is not right? If there is any such problem in your speech than work on it consciously. Again take newspaper of the day and read out a piece of news in a clear and confident manner, the way you find newsreaders reading them. Record this piece and again check your voice for pronunciation, speed, clarity, etc. Do you find some difference in the second rendition? Keep working this way till you begin to feel a marked difference in your speech.

Learn to be Ms. Sunshine

Always meet people with a gentle smile on your face. Meeting people with an affable face always communicates that you take interest in them and they are welcome. If you are the solemn type of person than you may find it a bit weird but with conscious efforts you will be able to acquire this skill soon. The moment your gaze meets someone, flash a friendly and genuine smile and see the difference in people’s attitude.

Be Patient

Being patient is a virtue. It keeps us calm and stress free and it makes our relationship with others friendly. Even when you do not like somebody or somebody’s particular habits or ideas, do not show impatience or anger. Learn to stay calm in difficult circumstances also. Convey your difference of opinion in a polite and affable manner.

Remember, lowering your voice and emphasizing on each word you speak makes you more powerful rather than shouting in anger during the course of an argument. This is a strategy; most successful women use in their respective work lives and emerge as winner. Practice the art of maintaining your cool and calm and conveying your message emphatically and learn not lose your temper quickly. The skill of staying calm not only makes us beautiful and impressive, it garners us others respect and support also.

In order to look and feel beautiful work on these tips and pay attention to your diet and exercise regimen also. Soon, people will begin to notice a beautiful you!