4 Ways To Look Cute Without Makeup

Look Cute Without Makeup

Tons of makeup isn’t the only way to look cute. In fact, due to their chemical content, wearing too much makeup can age your skin fast. You can look cute and beautiful by enhancing the features that are already beautiful in you.

Every single person has one or the other beautiful features in his or her body. For example, you may have flawless skin. Enhance your skin by taking care of it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use a lot of makeup to beautify it. There are many natural ways to look cute.

One can look beautiful by developing her inner beauty. When you possess a heart that has lot of compassion, love and courage, you look naturally beautiful. The beauty of people who are jealous, greedy and lack compassion never lasts. Inner beauty brings a natural glow on your skin, which will never fade or wrinkle.

A healthy body and mind is necessary for looking cute. For healthy body, you need to eat a healthy & balanced diet that includes lot of fruits, vegetables, and protein and fiber rich food. Lower the intake of sugary and high calorie foods. Do not force yourself to go on a diet to become thinner; in the long run it can spoil your health. Instead, do regular exercise to control your body weight. Remain active. Drink enough water and fluids throughout the day. Drinking enough water helps to flush out toxins from the body and brings glow to your skin. Caffeinated drink should be avoided. Make sure to sleep well at night.

Drink enough water

Avoiding makeup can really prove beneficial as it allows your skin to breathe and keep it clean. Makeup often hides true beauty. Without using makeup you can look beautiful provided you take proper care of your skin by following these steps.


Throughout the day, our skin absorbs a lot of dust and other harmful particles which make our skin unhealthy. Use homemade or any other gentle cleanser to clean your face at night. Raw milk can be used to remove any dirt or oil from your face. Don’t use any cleanser that is abrasive for your skin. It can cause irritation and redness to your skin.

Raw Milk1


After cleansing, use a natural toner all over your face and swipe with a cotton ball to close the pores and reduce the redness of the skin.

Use a natural toner


Moisturize your skin daily to get a smooth flawless skin. Moisturizer with SPF will protect your skin from UV rays of the sun. Re-apply sun screen if you are going out under direct sunlight, like at a pool or beach.

Apply a moisturizer


Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to give it a healthy glow. But do not over exfoliate as it can make your skin prone to breakouts.

Other important things you should do to look cute without using makeup are:

Take care of your dental hygiene which is extremely necessary for a good smile and for looking confident and cute. Wear clothes that define your features well. Don’t wear something only because it is a current fashion trend. Clothes you wear should flatter your figure.  Use organic or herbal shampoo or conditioner for shiny soft hair and keep your hair brushed always. Choose a hair style that suits your features. Keep your eyebrows in proper shape by threading, waxing or plucking. Finally stand tall with great confidence to look cute.

Exfoliate Your Skin

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