How To Look Good At The Beach

beach makeupIf you want to kiss all your stress a good bye and indulge into a perfect retreat, beach is one place full of happiness, liveliness and bright colors of life. Bathe in the sun-kissing light with skimpy clothes, a killer sun glass, tanned look and loose pair of stylish flip flops.

If your holiday is right at the corner and you have chosen a beach destination it is always good to prepare yourself in advance before plunging into the world of joy.You must pay close attention on How to look good at the beach. Pick an appropriate bathing suit or bikini that matches your body type. Select perfect accessories to ensemble your outfit. Buy a stylish UV protective sun glass.

Do up a disheveled hair styling that does not bother you while enjoying your excursions and wear an appropriate beach makeup. Still you have apprehensions on how to look good at the beach and to show up in a bikini to your man or others? Worry no more; we demonstrate some helpful tips on how to transform you into a beach babe.

Tips To Look Good At The Beach

Shave All Body Parts

shaving legs

Start with a good shave or wax and clean all the intimate portions which you have been neglecting during the dry winter days. These include your armpits, legs and bikini area. Treat your intimate areas with good grooming products and make this appear taint free.

Anti blemish Creme

Zap some anti blemish or acne curing creme to work on the dark spots and acne marks all over the body. You might pick a creme fortified with Salicylic acid for effective results.

Moisturize and Exfoliate


Moisturize your body well and exfoliate all the cellulite that are more visible on beaches than anywhere else. Work on your stretch marks at least two to three months in advance and cover up all the visible fine lines.

Cover the Blemishes Impeccably

Hide all the imperfections and blots on your body by using a quality self tanner as spots are little less visible in tanned color. Camouflage the blemishes well so that you could flaunt carelessly and walk confidently at the beach.

Choosing a Right Bath Suit

You must be extra cautious while choosing a bath suit. Try different options and invest in one that meets your body demands. A bathing suit that binds your tummy and large busts are equally supportive and would not lead you embarrassment.

floral bathing suits

Use tiny floral print colors to show less of your tummy. Alternatively try a Tankini particularly an A sized Tankini. If you have big bust get into halter bikinis with cups or under wire support that keeps the busts from oozing out and making you a focal point at the beach. To hide your hips/bums wear boy leg shorts that look equally captivating.

Nail Shades and Makeup

Do up your manicure and Pedicure from a spa before landing on a beach. Wear summery nail paints that mimic sun rays like orange or lighter shades of yellow. Otherwise try some coral or turquoise color. Keep your nails short so that it does not grab sand and become a breeding ground for germs.

summery nail paints

Wear a makeup that is as close to nature. Highlight your eyes beautifully with water proof liners and mascara. Keep the lip color light and tinted or else smear an SPF 15 or above lip balm to keep drying and cracking at the bay.

The Right Hairdo

Get a highlighted hair do in different hues and leave your hair disheveled. Also, you could put curls and invest in good colorful clips or bands to tuck your hair from frizzing with breeze.

If you are still wary on how to look good at the beach just throw yourself to the demands of rough weather and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. It is always stylish and season-less to look chic on the beaches sans makeup.