How to look good on your wedding day

wedding-daylookYou have finally found that special someone with whom you will spend your entire life. It is such an exciting time. You know that you have the love of your life and you are ready to pledge your entire life to him/her in marriage. It is quite a job to set the wedding date but once it is done, it is only one thing less to do because now the real deal starts.

Once you have set your wedding date, it time for both of you to sit down and prepare a schedule, which you will follow so that you look your best for the best day of your lives.

The bride

It is an unwritten rule that the bride has to look the best of everyone there. This is certainly not an easy task, given the number of imperfections. It is advisable that you seek the advice of a professional. You wouldn’t want to go wrong with anything on this day.

Start the preparations, way in advance so that you have enough time to practise your look and choose the perfect look for you.

While deciding the hairstyle, keep in mind what kind of headpiece and gown you are planning to wear. If your headpiece is elaborate, then keep your hair-do simple and vice versa. You can try highlights or go all the way and colour your hair. It will look great in the pictures, but take care to choose the right colour.

The latest trend in makeup is sporting a clean look, which also looks natural, so you do not have to look like a made up doll at your wedding. Know your skin type and select the right foundation shade. When you select a shade, try a bit on your jaw line. The shade that seems to disappear into your skin, is the right one for you.

Apply powder so that your make up will last for the day. You will definitely cry so be prepared for that.  Use a smudge proof and waterproof makeup.

Remember to get into shape to fit into your dream-gown. Do not go for quick fixes at the last moment. Plan and start exercising. This way you will not only get into your perfect shape physically, you will also get into shape mentally. As a result, you will look great and feel great too.

Choose a floral fragrance for this day. It will be perfect for you, being innocent as well as charming.

The groom

You wouldn’t want to be a ‘princess marries pauper’ couple, so don’t just sit around while the bride is getting all geared up for the wedding. Do not expect to dazzle if you simply want to shave and comb your hair on your wedding day.

Make it a habit to drink lots of water to make your skin look hydrated and fresh on your big day. Use a toner, moisturiser and cleanser combination to keep your look perfect for the wedding.

Take professional advice and go for facials, manicures and massages to look mind-blowing.

On your wedding day, be careful when you shave not to shave in the direction the hair grows so as to avoid rashes.

Finally, it is time to tie the knot.  So go ahead and dazzle them all.