How To Look Like A Diva On A Budget

how to look like a diva

how to look like a divaLooking great is everyone’s dream. It adds to self worth and makes you feel good about yourself. Obviously you are more productive, certainly happier, and more pleasant to have around. Here’s the rub, though, not all of us can afford to swan into the big branded stores and pick up what we want, without taking a peek at the price tag. Some of us, even have shoestring budgets to work with.

Know Your Figure:

Everyone has bad points they want to hide. That is equally true of one’s figure. It would be a rare thing to find someone, who was completely happy with their face, figure, hair and didn’t want to change or camouflage something. Deficiencies in one’s figure show up a lot more, if one doesn’t wear the right clothes. So the first tip to looking good, is to know the strengths and weaknesses of your figure to enhance your good points and tuck away your weaknesses out of sight. Or if that is not possible at least disguise them.

Knowing your figure helps you to realize the styles that suit you and allows you to firmly junk something that may be in fashion but would show you up in poor light. Always remember, not every color suits every skin tone, and some colors are better with certain figures.

Analyze Your Lifestyle:

What you do, the company you mix with and the family that you belong to define your lifestyle. It would be pretty foolish to have a pile of casual clothes in your wardrobe, if you are expected to dress formally for work and equally have a myriad engagements requiring you to be formally dressed when you get back home.

If you have the kind of job that does not allow you to own your weekends then causal clothes would just rot away and you would either be rotating your formals or wearing them out at an alarming pace. Similarly, if you are a student who attends college in jeans and a t-shirt, it would make no sense to acquire formal office outfits that you would never need.

In the middle of all this, let’s not forget family background. If you belong to the kind of family, where immaculately and elegantly dressed relatives are the order of the day a sloppy joe outfit wouldn’t really go down well. Nor would it suffice if you just had two formal dresses to alternate between which had to make do for all family gatherings, much like one shoe fits all.

Bifurcate the Elements Of Your Wardrobe:

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Once you have cleared your mind, on your lifestyle it is comparatively easy to segregate the basic heads under which you need to build your wardrobe. Such as formal and informal part wear, casual wear, formal work outfits and if you are the sporty type sports wear.

Remember all of these outfits need appropriate accessories. Apart from the bifurcation based on occasion, one of the most critical differentiations to make is between the elements of your wardrobe. There are certain things, where you cannot compromise on quality, such as underwear, shoes and certain types of handbags.

How to Shop:

Take the basic elements, those are an absolute must. Thankfully your undergarments do not need to be renewed every season because they’ve gone out of fashion. So, buy good quality underwear on sale. If you are a very standard size, then it is better to wait till you are nearing the end of the sale season and pick up your lingerie on maximum discount.

Sure, you’ll have a limited choice and you might have to compromise on the color and pattern, but remember the basic aim of undergarments is to give you a good body shape and support. If you’re shopping, remain focused on the priorities and be clear whereto make the compromises. The same goes for shoes. Always buy good quality footwear, because god only gave you one pair of feet and if those collapse you’re not going to be able to get a new pair.

If you’re shopping on a budget, it is better to stick to basic comfortable footwear for a start. Ideally pick this up on sale as well. As far as pumps are concerned there is not much difference between one seasons fashion and the next. It is better to have a good quality comfortable pair of shoes for your working day, than its cheaper, trendy but more uncomfortable sibling. The backbone of your wardrobe, will be the clothes that you wear for the majority of your normal everyday situation. Whether it’s work, study or home.

For your office clothes, the colors are pretty standard, the unobtrusive black, white, beige and grey. Even if your job, is the kind where you can dress in a jacket and skirt even if it’s bright red, on a shoe string budget such statement outfits may not be advisable; it is far better to add color with brightly colored shirts, that you could pick up inexpensively and/ or on sales and mix and match so that the same grey skirt can be worn twice or even three times in the same week because it will look different.

It is advisable to buy good quality skirts or trousers as they make all the difference. You can acquire these in sales. Remember, office wear styles, don’t change drastically from one season to the next. As long as the style suits you, it’s better to be well dressed quality wise, in something that is the borderline not height of fashion, than wear something cheap out of the look of the year.

In the End:

In the end, it pays to accessorize yourself with good quality products. Shoes, handbags, belts not to mention jewellery don’t really date so fast and can be acquired at sales. Set up a network of friends, with whom you can swap notes on what is available where and who may at a pinch even pick up that one absolutely extraordinary bargain in your size. After all, if it doesn’t fit, it can always be returned.