How To Look Perfect In Swimming Costumes

look perfect in swimming costume

look perfect in swimming costumeSwimming as an activity qualifies for a lot of things, it helps you feel refreshed, it helps you remain fit, it even helps you gain some height, but it requires a lot of courage and confidence to go out swimming for girls.

It’s not that girls are scared of water or they are afraid that they might drown but it’s something which is much scarier than this that sometimes keeps girls out of water. It’s the horrors of their swimming outfit.

What Are the Worries Before Girls Go Swimming?

Summers are knocking on the door and most girls are busy thinking what they all should do to look the sexiest, hottest babe in that figure hugging, ultra sexy swimming outfit. Should they try home remedies, eat healthy, gain some pounds or lose some pounds.

Should they take a spa appointed or get into yoga classes. What should they do so that they can look the best and not feel shy around flaunting their figure? It’s one the most important moment for girls to attract eye balls, make other girls jealous and woo the hottest guys they have been eyeing since a long time. But again it’s really not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and patience.

The Drastic Needs Before You Plan A Swim

Some things that are a must before a girl plans for a swim are a perfect figure, a nice tan if you can manage it (or else you would get tanned once you go for the swim), a perfect swimming costume, a sarong which goes well with the outfit, a sun block is a must and lots of funky accessories. Once you have all this you are more than ready to go for a swim.

How to Get A Perfect Figure

Basically a perfect figure is a myth.  There are very few people who are happy with what they look. Some think they have small boobs, some think they have a large hip. So basically no one is happy with what they have and always carve for they don’t have. But it so happens that in today’s worlds there are a lot of helping hands for you which can though temporarily but still give you a perfect figure, so days of tension are gone.

perfect figure for swimming costume

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If you are worried about smaller upper body assets or smaller lower body curve then try padded inner wears. They give the desired look and curve just the exact size the way you want. If you are worried about too large assets that misbalance your figure try Spanx. These are swimwear and inner wears that hide your fats and gives you a slimming effect.

If you have a lot of time before the summers and you want to have a permanent perfect figure. If you are ready to burn those extra kilos then you should hit the gym or yoga classes as soon as you can. Try working on your legs, arms and waist line. Do not try something very difficult, only a minimal would do. Do not pressurize yourself a lot in a hurry to look perfect.

Most importantly once you are done with swimming and once you think you have achieved the perfect figure you desire do not quit your gym yoga it will have a really bad effect on your body and then you would again lose what you achieved. So try and maintain regular exercises. It would keep you fit and good looking.

The Perfect Costume

Now we come to the most important thing-the Perfect Costume. What you wear reflect what you truly are. Your looks largely depend on the costume. The costume should not be very figure hugging because that might make you feel really uncomfortable so always buy the costume which fits you perfectly.

The size matters a lot. Do not thing a size smaller costume might make you a size thinner. So buy what fits you exactly. Do not experiment a lot with flashy costumes or never dare to even try a flashy bra and a simple thong. It’s a strict no-no. Just go with the trend. Wear neither something which does not reveal too much nor something which covers a lot. It should be something in between. Something which would make the boys carves for more than what they see.

The Perfect Look

The perfect look is a combination of a lot of things. A perfect water proof make-up, a nice tan, a body completely glossed with a nice sun block and great accessories. For a day swimming plan try to go with just a water-proof base which even has the properties of a sun block. Try and get the parts of the body which are exposed to be covered with a sun block.

There are blocks available which give your body a glossy shine and nothing is better than a shinning perfect body. Always carry a light jute or cotton bag preferably to the beach or the pool and carry your sarong and block with you. Once you are done with the adventures in the pool it’ time to get a little decked. The best way to look glamorous is to sport a sexy printed sarong which compliments your swim wear.

The Catchy Accessories

Any dress any look is incomplete if you do not have the perfect, eye catching accessories to increase their glam quotient. Three most important pieces of accessories that are a must for you are a anklet, a neck piece and a bracelet.

Try and flaunt a funky piece of layered neck piece or something made of shells for your deep necked bikini. For your hands what shall suit the best would be a beaded lose fitted bracelet. And for the anklet try wearing more than one anklet to emphasize the look and attract eyes to your legs.

Once you have all the things above mentioned no one could stop you from being the show stopper at the party and giving you the best look just the way you wanted. Go girls and enjoy the water!