5 Tips To Lose Baby Belly

Baby Belly

After having had the baby, it is a big concern for most of the new mothers to regain their shape that they had before becoming pregnant. You must feel completely exhausted during this time, and the thought of doing something besides sleeping, eating, and looking after the baby seems like an impossible task; but the good news is that there are some smart weight loss tips that you can follow to get back into shape without the need to work out too much.

Baby Belly

Read on to learn more about losing baby pounds safely to reduce the baby belly.

How To Lose Baby Belly

Be Nutrition Minded

The very first step you need to take to embark upon a journey of weight loss is eating right. However, it can be quite difficult for a new mom to prepare nutrition filled meals everyday or even take out time to eat regularly. This has given rise to the concept of one handed healthy eating.

This diet focuses on nutritious foods that are easy to eat and can be eaten while holding the baby. These include foods such as veggie sticks, fruit, handheld soups, tuna kits, mix of broccoli florets and carrot sticks, handful of cashews, apple wedges with cheddar cubes, or smoked turkey slices.

You also need to break away from traditional eating patterns and eat multiple mini-meals a day to keep the energy levels high. Make sure that you get enough fats, proteins, and carbohydrates required by the body. Also make sure to keep your body well hydrated, particular if you are breastfeeding.

eat right

Aim For Simple Exercises

Even though you will be too tired to work out, but you can aim for simple exercises such as walking, which you can do with your baby as well. Go for a walk in the park with your baby in a stroller.

Yoga is also a good way of kick starting your exercise regime. Get some yoga DVDs and practice it while your baby is peacefully sleeping.

Simple Exercises

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Tummy Flatteners

In order to bid goodbye to your baby belly, there are some simple things that you can do at home. All you need to do is put some concentrated effort on the concerned area and tone the muscles present in the region. Here are some ideas:

Be Way Of Your Core

Core is the core muscles present in the abdomen region of a woman. A great way to work your core muscles is to imagine as if you are squeezing your belly into a super tight jeans.

Think that button of the jeans in broken and you need to tighten your tummy to hold the zipper in place. Try to maintain this hold of your core muscles as long as possible during the day, whether your are standing or sitting.

Be Way of Your Core

Increase Your Heart Rate

Toning the muscles in the abdomen region is not enough to lose your baby belly. You also need to involve yourself in simple cardio activities to burn the fat present in the buttocks, thing, and especially the tummy. As mentioned above, walking is a good cardio workout that you can do with your baby. Besides this, if you have a stationery bike at home, you can use it whenever possible to burn some excess fat and keep your heart rate up.

Increase Your Heart Rate