How To Lose Weight From Your Face

Lose Weight From Your FaceMost people will agree that everything looks good on a well proportionate body. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a perfectly shaped body or face. While some tend to store fat in the stomach region, others tend to possess a chubby face. The situation turns more complicated if they genetically tend to put on weight in the face. This in turn, interferes with the desire to lose weight from the face specifically.

If you want to lose weight from your face, it is important that you follow a holistic program that includes the right diet and exercise. For best results, follow a healthy eating plan and opt for exercise routines simultaneously for losing weight from the face quickly.

Tips On How To Lose Weight From Face

Choose a Good Diet

Opting for a healthy diet is the basic foundation for losing weight in the face. Start by including fresh fruits, low fat milk, cottage cheese, lean meat, fatty fish and dark green leafy vegetables in your diet. Cut down high calorie and junk foods completely.

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Also, avoid alcohol and high sugar drinks because they enhance your calorie intake, but don’t provide your body with any nutrition. Figure out your daily calorie intake and stick to it as much as possible.

Opt For a Regular Exercise Routine

Sticking to a regular exercise routine is one of the best ways to lose fat from your face and overall body as well. Joining a gym would be a good idea, but if you find exercising in the gym too constraining, go for other alternatives.


These may include swimming, jogging, running, dancing or even learning self defense. All these activities will increase fitness levels of your body and make you lose fat from the face and body.

Choose Facial Exercises

Facial exercises target your problem area–the face, thus helping you to lose fat from this area specifically. Furthermore, these exercises also firm the facial muscles, thus giving you a toned look.

Start by saying the alphabets ‘X’ and ‘O’ loudly. Doing these exercises regularly can be a good way to lose weight from the facial area. You can also opt for yoga poses that will work on your facial muscles specifically and tone them.

Chew Gums

This may sound unconventional, but chewing gums regularly can help you to lose weight from the face. In fact, these days gums that specifically help a person to lose weight from his or her face are also available. If you love chewing gums, you will enjoy the process. For avoiding unwanted calories, go for sugar free gums. Also, try out various flavors because if you chew a particular flavor only, chances are high that you would feel bored quickly.

chewing gums

Apart from implementing these tips, you can also consider surgery for losing weight from the face. Facial surgeries will give you the desired effect, but it’s important that you choose the right surgeon who understands your goals. Finally, you can implement makeup tricks such as highlighting the eyes for making your face appear slimmer and toned.