How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise I for one would absolutely love to lose weight as fast as possible, but without moving a muscle. And I’m sure there are plenty of others out there who connect with me. Losing weight would be something we would want to do with a vengeance. However, the thought of sweating it out at home or a gym tends to make us step back a bit.

And almost every other weight loss regime out there incorporates some form of exercise or the other that needs to be done in order for the regime to work out properly. Well here’s some good for all of us exercise haters out there! Here are some very simple and yet very effective tips to help you lose weight without so much as lifting a finger to do a workout. These tips would help you get rid of those extra kilos without the need to work out for long hours. So here goes!

Tips to Lose Weight without Exercises

A Hydrated Body Would Lose Weight Faster

Water is known to be a miracle cure for more than one health related illnesses or disorders. And when it comes to losing weight, cold water might just be the secret antidote you were searching for all these years.

When you drink cold water, your body would need to warm it up and it would use up more calories in the process. This in turn can help get rid of at least a few of those extra pounds on your body. Drinking water before and during meals would also prompt you to eat less. Cold water also boosts body metabolism, leading to faster digestion and lesser deposition of fat in the body.

A Cup of Green Tea a Day Keeps Those Extra Kilos Away

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

In addition to water which is a natural booster of body metabolism, green tea is also known to boost body metabolism. Rich in antioxidants, a cup of green tea a day can help you lose up to 400 calories a week. Not that much to go on but it’s still a start right?

Skip Breakfast and You Skip Losing Weight

After a long night without food or water, your body would be starving for nutrients. Skipping breakfast would force your body and mind to trigger off hunger pangs at odd times of the day, thereby prompting you to eat more rather than the other way around.

A healthy nutritious breakfast meal would also kick start your body metabolism for the day. Couple this with the right food choices and you would have a power packed body metabolism that would help you lose weight with every activity that you do throughout the day.

Drink Water When You are Hungry

Let’s say you get a sudden hunger pang that is just too hard to ignore. Drown a few glasses of water immediately and wait for about 15 minutes. If you feel the hunger pangs starting up again, eat some food.

Why do we need to do this, you may ask? Drinking water would let your brain differentiate between real hunger and thirst. Drinking water beforehand would also help fill your stomach faster so that you would eat less.

Eat Only When your Stomach Growls

Again, it pays to eat only when your stomach starts sending out signals that it is extremely hungry (in the form of small growls now and then). Eating at this point would be beneficial for weight loss as your body will quickly use up the nutrients, thus inhibiting the formation of fat stores. If you eat at a point where you are not hungry, your body would simply leave out the excess energy which would be converted into fat stores.

Portion Control Your Portions

Portion controlling is considered as one of the best ways to avoid piling up weight. Opt for smaller plates that would give off the impression of becoming full faster. Fill up the plate as much as you can and don’t go back for seconds.

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Cut your food into small pieces or take small bites to help your brain send out signals when you are full. Chew the food properly before swallowing to prevent issues like bloating. Another clever strategy to eat less would be to eat the best parts of the meal first while leaving out all the other parts for later. Eating your favorites parts first would let your body respond properly when the brain alerts it.

Shut off the Idiot Box When Eating

Surprisingly, many individuals who claim to gain weight rapidly have one practice in common, eating in front of the television or computer. Watching something while you eat would prevent your brain from concentrating on the amount of food that you consume. As a result, you will realize that you finished an entire bag of pretzels only when your hand reaches the bottom of the bag.

Eat your meals at the dinner table rather than somewhere else. Focus on what you have on your plate and eat slowly so that your body can comprehend it and send the appropriate signals when it is full.

Want to gain weight fast? Eat when you are stressed out!

Another major contributor of weight gain is stress which makes people go on a bingeing spree before they even realize it. The stress hormones produced in the body could induce you to eat and keep on eating until they calm down. So make sure your mind is relaxed before you sit down to eat. Taking a deep breath before you start eating would also help cool down frayed nerves.

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Eating Late at Nights is akin to Putting on oodles of Weight

Your body metabolism would start slowing down in the evening and would be literally sleeping at night. So any food that you eat would take longer to digest. This in turn can cause bloating and excess fat deposition.

Make it a point to eat your dinner at least 3 hours before you hit the bed at night. If you get hungry in between or after, drink water to satiate the hunger.

Get your Beauty Sleep to Lose Weight

Sleep deprivation can cause certain individuals to eat more food. A stressed out body would lead to a stressed out mind which would in turn force you to eat more than you originally would.

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

So make it a point to get at least a few hours of undisturbed sleep a day to lose weight faster.

Take up an Interesting Hobby

Having a hobby that keeps you on your toes will take your mind off boredom and the food that accompanies it. Let’s take a classic example. You are sitting in front of the television with nothing else to do. The television would ask for company in the form of snacks and other unhealthy food choices that can add plenty of extra kilos to your body.

Try your hand at a hobby that takes your mind off food. You could paint, dance, garden, join a yoga class or even help someone with their chores. Keeping your mind busy would in turn keep your body away from food.

Join a Group of People with Similar Goals

You know the advantage of joining a support group for losing weight? There would be someone to correct you in case you tend to stray away from your weight loss goals. Join a support group or form a group with some friends who are intent of losing weight as well. This would keep you motivated in losing weight in addition to keeping your mind safe from distractions that could potentially wreck havoc on your weight loss plans.