How To Lose Weight

Tips To Lose Weight

Tips To Lose WeightPeople generally compete with other individuals or group of individuals. But today, majority of the individuals seem to be having a tough competition with their own weight. Obesity has gained a rising concern and is now a global problem. Individuals of every country need to be aware of the vulnerabilities.

World Health Organisation has done a thorough research on the subject and statistics reveal that today more people die due to over weight than due to under weight condition. According to WHO, 1.6 billion individuals in this world are suffering from flacidity. However, we cannot consider obesity as a destiny. There are certain easy techniques to arrest obesity. Here are some of the tips and remedies cultivated by the various realms of the world.

Tips For Weight Loss

Never Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast is a must to begin your day and keep healthy. A simple fruit and a cup of milk or a cereal breakfast is the best and easiest procedure for losing weight. Even doctors throughout the ages have suggested us not to skip breakfast for any reason. A recent study has revealed that when we skip our breakfast, we feel very hungry during the mid day and our brain registers greed sensations as soon as we see a high calorie food, thereby increasing the intake of the food.

Extensive Lunch Periods

The faster you eat, the more likely you gain weight. Eating should be made the event of the day. The food should be made spicy and the lunch should be made lengthy. Lengthy meals lead to less eating. If you eat slowly you can get the time to realize that you are already full and you need to stop. Intake of spices is beneficial. Spices do increase the metabolism of our body, but the main purpose of adding them in our food is slowing down our eating practice or rather the quantity and the rate of food intake.

It is an illusion to think that quick eating helps to remain healthy. By the time you realize that your stomach is full, you may have over-eaten. Eating slower is a wonderful weight-loss scheme and making the food spicier is an easy way to do it. Slow eating can also be achieved by long and interesting conversations while eating. It also lowers the speed of the fork.

A Heartier Mid Day Meal

Most of us go for a more substantial meal at night. However the best time of having food is in the afternoon between 2pm and 4 pm. If we eat more at night and go to sleep, the entire amount gets deposited on our body and we tend to increase our weight.

Lose Weight

But if we eat less at night, we wake up hungrier and eat a bigger breakfast. Hence, the act of bigger breakfast and the biggest mid-day meal get connected and control our weight aiding to arrest obesity.

Experiment At Home

Eating at home is a diet-effective and a cost effective process as well where you save both kilos and money together. Take a note of how often you dine out, and slowly start reducing the frequency. You can also be absolutely sure about the hygiene and the components of the food you cook at home. Thus, experimenting new recipes at home is an easy way to control your health as well as your wealth.

Try Fasting Once In A While

Periodic fasting is good for health. Although doctors do not advise fasting techniques to control obesity, but occasional starving breaks the patterns of vacuous intake. Fasting does not imply without food for a whole day. It can range from a few hours to even a day with the intention of cutting down some calories.

Take A Short Snooze

Chronic loss of slumber raises the risk of gain of weight. Hormone Ghrelin triggers our hunger and the hormone Leptin helps to communicate to our brain that we are full. The less sleep we get, the lower are our Leptin levels and more are the Ghrelin levels. Thus people very often can not distinguish between hunger and slumber. The comedy lies in the fact that people think they are hungry when they are actually sleepy. Hence, it is absolutely a wonderful habit to take a power nap for 20-30 minutes amidst your hectic schedule.

Utilize Natural Resources

The natural spices inhibit the growth of fat tissues and enhance fat burning. Turmeric is a fundamental component of food and has a high potential to burn fat. Green tea is a wonderful anti oxidant. It works wonderfully to fight fat. Rooibos tea from South Africa is naturally sweet unlike green tea. So, caffeine rich coffee can easily give way to the green tea or rooibos tea and burn thousands of calories everyday.

Lose Weight

They help to get rid of the ‘being hungry’ illusion. Muesli, a porridge can also be tried since it is linked to better health and weight control. It makes digestion slower and hence keeps us full for a longer time. Consume fishes like the herring. They reduce the stress hormone cortisole which is known to increase the deposition of fat around our middle. Pickles contain acetic acid which trim down the rate of formation of fats and thus eating pickles help to arrest obesity.

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Do Cycling 

Although we think that cycle is no longer a symbol of status and we opt for motorcycle. But studies have revealed an amazing fact. An average sized individual pedalling at an average pace burns 550 calories per hour. So, try using your bicycle to commute to work, colleges, or just for nearby shops. This is a fantastic way to burn fat leading to losing weight and arresting obesity.

Yoga Therapy

Lose weight

Yoga offers an awesome remedy for obesity besides being a stress reliever and increasing our flexibility and self-defence. Yoga devotees possess a lower body mass index (BMI) than even other exercisers do. Yoga is best done on an empty stomach and apart from burning fats and arresting obesity, it can build our muscles as well as increase our metabolism rate.

Go For Nordic Walking

Outdoor activity helps to get rid of fats to a great extent. Do anything – hiking, trekking, Nordic walking, family tour, swimming or any kind of sports. It is a simple and an exciting, adventurous way to get more fat reducing benefit than normal regular walking.

It is an important content for all those obese or ‘tending to be obese’ individual not to ignore weight gain and the impacts of obesity at all as the effects of obesity are highly dangerous and calamitous, starting from rise in cholesterol level, heart blockage, heart attacks to even cancers for women.

It needs to be taken care of right from the basic level. Healthy weight loss is neither a diet control measure, nor an action, but dedication, determination and long term changes in your everyday life. It starts with basic and ends at basic and is thus can be easily maintained. Shedding off the extra kilos besides giving you the shape of a slim and trim figure enhances your self confidence, flexibility and energy level thus improving your life style. So, try to follow the tips. And you will definitely give your kilos away.