How To Maintain Healthy Nails

Your nails are indicators of your health!  Usually when the nails have pink color, you are deemed as healthy. If there are changes in texture of the nails, it means your body is running short of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.  

When the nails are kept healthy, they can offer you tootsies and wonderful fingertips, and can also indicate if something is wrong in the body.  Though we do not ever look at nails as health indicators, we love to show them off by dolling them.

Healthy foods give you healthy nails. Though you may be having diet which you like, it is necessary to include fruits and vegetables, eggs and fish, nuts and other foods which will help your nails look good. Among others, the following foods will give you great looking healthy nails: asparagus, brown rice, eggs.

Apart from food, lifestyle changes can also help your nails look good.

Tips for great looking nails:

Include calcium and zinc in your diet. Cut down on sugar and alcohol.

Do not pluck, poke or pry with nails.

Stop biting nails. Bitter nail polishes can stop this habit.

Stop pulling hangnails. Clip them with scissors without damaging the tissue.

Cut down on saturated fats, increase intake of proteins and vitamins.

Short nails do not break. Do not go on touching cuticles.

Rub a little lotion on nails whenever you apply lotion to hands or legs.

Cut down on dairy products.

Regularly trim nails. Emery board or nail file should be used.

You do not have to go to a parlor to get your nails set. Good diet, better habits, best nail polish and manicure at home are enough to have healthy nails. When we say good habits, we are referring to keeping your hands and feet clean.

Moisturizing often is not enough, because there may be dirt lurking in even familiar neat looking areas. If you use your nails as tools to extract something or poke into some other things, you will be damaging them and they will also start losing luster. Your nails can reveal if something is wrong in your body. Hence if they look lifeless, get a general health check up done.