How To Maintain Makeup Brushes

How To Maintain Makeup Brushes

How To Maintain Makeup BrushesCosmetic brushes form the basic tools for the application of makeup. Depending on the quality, their prices vary from average to very expensive. Makeup brushes with natural hair, though most desirable for beautiful makeup, are too expensive to be discarded after a few applications.

But if you don’t take adequate precautions, they get spoiled beyond repair and have to be discarded soon. To continue to get consistently good and accurate results you have to keep them in tip top condition. Here are a easy tips for maintenance of this important tool and a list of precautions that will go a long way to give them a long life. Please note that the same precautions are applicable for brushes with natural or synthetic hair.


1. Ideally, a brush should be cleaned soon after use. If you don’t find it very practical, ensure to clean it at least once a week.

2. If the same brush has been employed to apply different colors, it’s desirable to clean it after the application.

3. Don’t keep the brush in a vertical position for drying up. In doing so, the cleansing fluid goes to the buffer of the brush, thus making the hair loosen its foundation.

4. Products suitable for human hair should not be applied to makeup brush as such products leave behind a heavy leftover that may damage its bristles.

5. Choose cleansers that disinfect the brush while cleaning it.

6. The head of such brushes should be handled with care. Don’t press it forcefully against any surface, not even a towel.


Step 1

Remove any leftover makeup material on the brush after every application. Be careful not to pull up the bristles. Use a soft tissue or cloth to wipe off its bristles after having applied the cleanser.

Step 2

Use only a back and forth motion without exerting much force. You should sweep it from side to side till all the foreign material has come out of it. You will see the leftovers clinging on the towel.

Keep repeating the process till you see no tell tale signs on the towel.

Step 3

Leave the brush out in the air for drying up. Don’t keep it vertically up as already mentioned.

Step 4

A dried brush should be stored in a casing to prevent dust from settling on it. It is desirable to store a brush in a horizontal position in its container.