2 Ways To Make A Banana Face Mask

Make A Banana Face Mask

Dry, lifeless skin is a bane for a number of women around the world. Although there are a number of cosmetics and products that can help you combat skin dryness and other problems, most of these products are either exorbitantly priced or extremely ineffective.

Moreover the ingredients used are often harsh and can have a number of side effects as well. So how do you ensure that you get beautiful, glowing skin without spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetics?

One way of getting beautiful skin is by using natural products straight from your kitchen. Not only are natural skin products safe but also extremely effective as well. A banana facial is a great way of restoring natural moisture and glow to your skin. Bananas are a rich source of vitamins and essential nutrients.

When used on the skin, the anti bacterial properties of bananas help in clearing blemishes and dark spots while the vitamins and antioxidants help in restoring skin elasticity and glow. The facial helps in clearing up the dead skin cells and also improve your overall skin tone. People with acne can benefit greatly from regular use of this face mask. So if you too want to use this amazing homemade facial then here are the step by step instructions on how to make a banana facial at home.

How To Make A Banana Face Mask

To make a moisturizing banana facial at home you will need a medium sized ripe banana which you can easily mash. Make a paste of the banana by mashing it thoroughly with a spoon or fork. You can also use the mixer to make a smooth paste without any lumps.

Apply the paste to your face and neck and slowly rub it in. Leave on the face mask for fifteen minutes before rinsing off your face with cold water. This basic banana facial adds a wonderful glow and radiance to your face in minutes. It softens your skin and moisturizes it gently.

Apart from the basic banana face mask, you can also add a few other ingredients like honey, yogurt, oats or some wheat flour to make a face mask that suits your skin type.

Make a moisturizing banana facial at home

Banana Facial For Dry Skin

Bananas are excellent for dry skin as they have natural moisturizing properties that leave your dry, listless skin amazingly hydrated and beautiful. To make a homemade dry skin face mask using bananas mix one ripe mashed banana with a tablespoon of honey and some oatmeal.

While honey helps in reducing skin inflammation and reduces skin problems, oatmeal is a great natural exfoliater that clears dead skin cells and prevents blackheads. Add in some water to make the face mask smooth and creamy. Wash your face and neck and then apply the face mask. Spread it evenly on the face and neck before leaving it on for fifteen minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water to get smooth and fresh skin.

Banana with a tablespoon of honey and some oatmeal

Banana Facial For Oily Skin

People with oily skin can replace the honey with yogurt. Just mix a mashed banana with half a cup of yogurt. Apply to your face and neck evenly and then wash off with cold water.

Unlike commercial products, use of natural homemade face masks is great for regular use. So try out a nice indulgent banana facial at home to get smooth, glowing skin

Banana with half a cup of yogurt & honey