How To Make Cocoa And Vanilla Hair Shampoo

How To Make Cocoa And Vanilla Hair Shampoo

How To Make Cocoa And Vanilla Hair Shampoo We use various harsh chemical shampoos to clean our hair and cleaning the hair is very essential for hair growth. Clean hair grows very long and strong and the hair also stays very healthy.

But, instead of using a chemical shampoo you can also use one of the most effective natural shampoos– the cocoa and vanilla shampoo. Vanilla is one of the oldest herbs known to mankind, and it has various benefits for the hair. Vanilla and cocoa are both antioxidants and therefore they help to protect our hair from the damage of free radicals.

But vanilla being a very costly herb, the vanilla and cocoa shampoo is quite expensive. And if you don’t want to lose so much of money behind a shampoo, you can also make your own vanilla and cocoa shampoo at home. So, here is the recipe of how to make your own vanilla and cocoa shampoo, and it is also quite easy. Hope you get benefits from this shampoo-

Materials Needed To Make The Cocoa And Vanilla Shampoo

1.    ¾th cup of distilled water (can also be replaced with normal purified water)
2.    ¼th cup of natural shampoo base
3.    1 teaspoon cocoa powder
4.    20-25 drops of vanilla essential oil
5.    ½ tsp table salt.

Procedure To Make The Cocoa And Vanilla Shampoo

1.    Take a pan which has a tight lid. Pour the entire distilled water in to the pan and heat the water for 3-4 minutes. Do not heat the water for too long. And there is also no need to boil the water.

2.    Then pour the hot water into a plastic or glass bowl. You should not pour the hot water into any metallic bowl, as that may have some chemical reactions with the shampoo.

3.    After that, pour the shampoo base into the hot water and mix it thoroughly with the water. You can mix the shampoo base with a glass stirrer.

4.    Then, add the table salt to the mixture of water and shampoo base. You should mix all the three things very properly.

5.    Now let the mixture cool down for about 15-20 minutes. The temperature of the mixture should come down to the room temperature.

6.    Then add the vanilla essential oil and cocoa powder to the mixture and stir all these things properly. Take a properly cleaned plastic bottle and store the prepared shampoo in that. Use the required amount when necessary and store it for future use.

And if you don’t know how to make the shampoo base, you can make it at your home by following the below stated steps.

Procedure To Make The Shampoo Base

1.    Take a glass or plastic bowl and in it, take 12 oz lye and 32 oz water and mix them properly with a non metallic spoon, or glass stirrer.

2.    Now take 48 oz of olive oil, and heat it to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the oil stay at 98 degrees, and also cool down the lye to the same temperature. And then pour the lye into the oil. But, before doing so, be sure to check the temperatures of both the lye and the olive oil because, the temperature of both the things should remain same.

3.    Now let the mixture of the lye and oil combine thoroughly at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and let the mixture cure for 30 days before use.