2 Ways To Make Different Types Of Beautiful Circlets

A circlet is a type of accessory worn on the head. Circlets are normally worn in weddings. A circlet completes the look of a bridesmaid’s wedding dress and gives a classic touch.

Beautiful Circlets

So, if you are also planning to wear circlet at a wedding ceremony, then you can make your own circlet, instead of buying it from a shop. Making your own circlet will help you save lots of money, and it will also be a fun time pass. So, here in this article, I will teach you how to make two different kinds of beautiful circlets, a Flower Circlet, and a Beaded Circlet.

Flower Circlet

Materials Required For Making A Flower Circlet

To make a flower circlet, you will require metal wire, 20-22 silk flowers, floral tape, a reel of broad ribbon, another reel of thin ribbon and wire cutter.

Flower Circlet

Procedure Of Making A Flower Circlet

Take a thin metal wire and measure it around your head so that, it properly fits on your head. While measuring, keep extra 1 cm on each side of the wire. And then, cut the wire exactly as you measured with a wire cutter. If you want to make a single layer circlet then you can cut only one wire, but, if you want to make a double or triple layered circlet, then you will have to cut 2-3 wires of the same length.

Then, take the silk flowers and cut the stem portion of the flowers. But, don’t cut the entire stem; otherwise, you will not be able to connect the flowers to the circlet. After that, start attaching the flowers to one of the wires. While attaching the flowers, hold the stem part and attach the stem portion of the flowers to the wires. First attach one flower and secure the flower with a white colored tape.

Then, attach another flower 1 cm away from the previous flower. Attach all the flowers in the same way as stated above, until you reach to the end of the 3 wires. But, don’t attach the flowers to the extreme end of the wires, because, the end of the wires will be attached together to complete the circlet.

After you have completed attaching the flowers, wrap the floral tape all around the wires, leaving the areas where the flowers are attached. Then intertwine all the three wires to make a thickly covered flower circlet. Then, take both the broad and the thin ribbons and wrap them all around the metal wires. Make a bow with both the ends of the wire.

Then, complete the circlet by twisting the ends of the wires together using pliers.

Beaded Circlet

Materials Required For Making A Beaded Circlet

To make a beaded circlet, you will require jewelry wire, small seed beads, 5 dangling beads and a wire cutter.

Beaded Circlet

Procedure Of Making A Beaded Circlet

Take a wire equivalent to the size of your head and cut the rest of the wire with a wire cutter. Then take 1 dangling bead and secure it by making a loop in the metal wire. The dangling bead should be trapped into the loop.

Then add the seed beads into the wire and continue adding the seed beads up to 2 centimeter. After that, attach another dangling bead with the wire. And repeat the same process of adding the seed beads and dangling beads, until you reach the end of the wire.

Make a complete loop at one end of the wire, and make a hook like thing at the other end of the wire. You will have to connect the ends to wear the circlet.